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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School

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Audrey, William, James, Joseph, Mom
"I'm up Mom. It's me, James."
"What? Time for school? OH! YEAH! School Today."
"Mom! It's 6:22. You were suppose to wake us at 6:15. We better not be late!"
We were out the door by 7:20a. They took no time leaving me in the dust as they all ran for the rooms as soon as the bell rang. Audrey's pic isn't that great because by the time I got to her room they were already getting in the groove. She LOVES her teacher and is going to have great year. We have good teachers all the way around.
I didn't cry or really feel terribly sad. I had to pick up t-shirts for the GS troop, meet Mary at the bank to transfer the checking account for GS. We then went to lunch and did some planning and organizing. We took a 2 hour lunch. Then off to Office Depot to get a new pocket calendar. They have some neat ones that show one week at a time but I like to see my whole month. Besides I can rack up more sympathy when flipping out my month calendar covered in ink!
HEB was a bit sad. I realized the other week there would be no more mid day grocery trips with the twins. They would be so much fun going down the aisles and talking to the employees. So I missed them. While checking out the lane next to me had a lady with twin 3 year old boys. I MISS MY BABIES!
I get to school and meet Audrey at her room because of this conversation.
"Oh Audrey, where do you think I need to pick you guys up?"
"I don't know Mom. I have to go to waiting room.....Get ALLLLL 3 boys! You know William always takes long getting out of there. And this year I have James and Joseph. I don't know!! (add dramatic volumn affects and hand movement)
"Ok, how about I meet you and we go together tomorrow?"
So we round the corner and head down the hall to waiting room. Remember I was missing my boys.
"James and Joseph get out of there."
"What took so long. Audrey you're late."

"No I'm not! I had to wait for Mom. AND they moved waiting room."
twins bouncing around and tumbling in the hall.
Oh, not missing them so much anymore!
This morning:
"Rise and Shine. Time for school."
"Huh? School day again.?"
"William get up."
"Mom! It's night time. We don't go to school at night."
"Here put on your shirt........ William! Get up!"
"We go to school at morning time?"
"That's backwards James."
"Why you wake us up at night time?"
Apparently yesterday morning Joseph was oblivious to the fact it was dark outside when he woke up.
We did all make it up, dressed, fed and to school by 7:25a. I delivered kids checked in on classes and went for a mile walk. Came home and met JJ. I got to see her new van. A Nissan Quest 2005. Very Nice. The papers say it is Red. She told me it was kind of umber or orange. She drives in the driveway and I kindly inform her That car is Sierra Redwood! (The reddish brown we tried on the living room wall, remember. If I knew how to do that link thing I'd send you to that post.)
And once again it is now 10:40am and I have accomplished Squat. Tom just called and plans to come home for lunch so I best get a move on and prove there really is alot for me to do and I don't need to find a 'real' job.
Here are a couple more pics that wouldn' fit on the slide show.
Where's the teacher? Friday we took our supplies to school for Meet the Teacher.

Ok! Funny lady in the nose glasses, who's teacher is she?
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