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Friday, August 22, 2008

Borrowing a Wild Hair....

My BFF and her hubby had a wild hair last week to take a few days and go to Grapevine for a quick vacation. They had a blast and were so glad they took advantage of the opportunity. So I borrowed her wild hair. Tom and I know that the Backyardagins are going to be at Sea World tomorrow. I have talked about taking the twins down for a day trip. Then maybe the whole family. Oh, that's nuts. But, we have season passes. Oh why not. So today he is taking off at lunch, we'll meet the teachers at school at 12n, pack Tom and away we go. We should get there in time for the kids to have some pool time. Then hop up in the morning, load and go to Sea World at opening time. See atleast one show perhaps two of the Backyardagins. Swim at the water park then come home. Second chance to get a water camera and hopefully some better pics. Watching the twins at the show will be great. They are really excited.
Yesterday was a rough tummy day but way better today and taking our good bacteria.
Well better go pack.

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Mythreesons said...

Hope your trip went great! I have the tummy bug now and Jared has strep throat. He is going to miss the first day of school! He is still running at 102 temp before bed tonight. Brian is going to stay home because I start inservice tommorrow. I hope he gets better and I don't have the bug as long and as bad as you did! So far so good just a little rumbley and yucky.