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Saturday, August 2, 2008

He is 3 1/2 feet suit....

orange life jacket and looks just like this (hold up James.) Yep! We lost Joseph again. Two years ago while visiting Sea World and swimming in the wave pool and big bucket area we lost JOseph. While giving his description to the life guard I saw him coming out of the wave pool, turning around and getting ready to go right back in. He was 3 years old. This year we were coming out of the wave pool looking around. Where's Joseph? I don't know. Joseph! Joseph! We look for a little bit. Tom goes to the bucket area. No luck.
I flag down a life guard and begin the same routine as 2 years ago. We look all over. Just as I wa flagging down the life guard the announcement comes that the park is closing, everybody out of the pool. We look around. Then voila I see him coming out of the new little pool with a big slide next to the wave pool. He is beginning to shinny himself around a bucket of life jackets so he can go up the slide again. Totally oblivious to the fact that the bucket of jackets is there to close off the slide entrance because it is time to go home. A life guard is going after him as I catch up to them. Needless to say we hug and shake him. a lot.
This is just one of the many exciting highlights of the trip. We start off Sunday morning needing to print off our tickets only to realize the computer monitor has gone out. Luckily we still had the old monitor in the garage and it still works. Smaller and not as nice but functioning. Monday we visit the dolphins, watch the sharks eat, see a dog and cat show, scare the snot out of William on the Atlantis boat ride, eat then head to the Lost Lagoon water park area. First stop..the Castaway cruising intertube floating area. Tom gets flipped over and his glasses are swooshed off his face to never be found. I"m not sure if the ones I found were his or not but since they had no lenses and were in two bent distorted pieces it didn't really matter if they were his or not. We visit the wave pool and all enjoyed the new tube shoots. We could ride two to a tube and blast off down these tunnels. James and I loved it. A&W went twice. Joseph rode with Tom and decided once was enough. Then we had the whole loose Joseph drama. Got back to the hotel and crashed.
Tuesday was Fiesta Texas. We get there at 9:45ish. After entering the park around 10:15 we find that Tom's pump won't work. He leaves us and goes back to the hotel to start a new site. The kids and I take a train ride around the park and spot many fun rides to try. Audrey was apointed chief Joseph watcher. We had to catch William rounding the corner to reboard the planes following his 3rd flight. We saw the log ride and decided to try that later with Daddy. We met Daddy all pumped up and ready to go at 12n. We ate lunch and saw a looney tunes show. The waiting lines were a bit long for some rides. We decided to try the Scooby Doo ride. Well, that scared the pants right off James. He still wanted to go on the log ride though. William wasn't so sure and cried to get off for most of the ride. Daddy and Joseph were infront and loved it. James cowarded on the floor. Then later we rode big intertubes down a water slide. 3-4 people to a raft. Tom took the twins and I had A&W. William did fine declared it ok but, not wanting to go again. We decided the wave pool at Sea World was more fun.
Wednesday was Mommy's day to visit the zoo. I love Zoos! The monkeys were a big hit. We saw the new frog/toad exhibit. Not as impressive as I was hoping. We then went downtown to visit the Alamo. Fourth Grade is the year to study Texas History. So we wanted Audrey to see the inside of the Alamo. It was a realy hot day but, she had fun walking around and having her Daddy's attention for awhile. We ate mexican food on the river then returned the truck. Tom, did you need the car insurance? No, Why? Well it is laying on the seat. Why is this out. Oh! Snot! I remember now where your watch was (Earlier in the day he had asked if I'd seen his watch. I forgot that we put it in the glove box when we got to Sea World. So he wouldn't loose it. snort..) Yep. The truck was broken into. The only thing taken was Tom's watch from the glove box. Go figure. Tom was feeling terrible because he thought he had left the truck unlocked. We discovered later that the crook had broken in through the key lock on the door.
We ate diner that night at Papadeaux. My favorite place to eat in San Antonio. Why? Not sure if it's because of the food or the memories we've made there. The drinks are pretty good too!
Thursday we returned to Sea World. We were at the Penquin exhibit while they were giving a habitate talk. They had signs up talking about the chicks they had hatched from February til April. She showed us one of them. Big sucker. He was King Penguin that still had some of his baby feathers. The kids had watched a portion of Happy Feet on HBO that morning in the hotel. William asked the lady if penquins really can dance. We also call the rock hopper penquins William penguins because of their wild yellow feathers. William's hair never lays down. Later in the gift shop we found a shirt with a rockhopper penguin on it and the words Bad Hair Day. He decided he needed that shirt. After awhile in the heat and being beat up by the waves we decided to get ice cream. When the kids declare they are tired and ready to go home after ice cream and not return to the pool you know you have reached true success in wearing them out. They were totally pooped.
Friday morning they agreed to be good while Daddy helped Mommy look for a dress. I wanted something new to wear to my parent's anniversary Mass next weekend. He took me to Cold Water Creek but, I found nothing. We decided to try Ann Taylors. Success! It was fun coming out of the dressing room in a skinny short dress and having Joseph declare "Mommy! That looks amazing!" We left there with a skirt, two shirts, a crop sweater and a pair of shoes on hold at the North Star Mall location. Tom then wanted me to step inside Harolds. I did but headed straight to the clearance racks. I came out of there with a white skirt and red tank sweater with white stitching. We then took off for the Mall. James was starving. He's always starving. I found some cute white sandals at Macy's for 15.00. The shoes at Ann Taylors worked great. THe boys were good so Tom could look around and pull some dresses for me to try on. I already felt bad for spending so much but, man if I'd have had $350.00 more dollars I' have come home with three dresses instead of just one. The dress is black with a wide red waistband. The shoes are high black and red patton. I also got two more shirts and another skirt.
The funny part about our shopping is that Audrey didn't get any clothes at all and William came home with three new shirts. He is usually the one who ends up getting jipped on clothes. The twins each got a shirt a Disney.
We left San Antonio late but it didn't really matter because we felt rested and didn't have plans for the weekend. We decided to come home through Fredricksburg. Most everything was shut down but we didn't need to shop anyway. We then decided to take a trip out to Lukenbach to see if there was any music. There was a dance with a live band that night. We ate some bratwurst, danced and enjoyed the music for awhile. We pulled in the drive way at 11:56pm. Tom has mentioned about 5 times toda that he is going to cut some sheet rock to hang. It is now 4:50pm. What do you think? Will we hang sheet rock today? The mear fact that I have sorted laundry and made it to the grocery store seem like great accomplishments to me for the day.
Enjoy the first photo slide show of the trip. I didn't realize that the one I picked wouldn't accomodate all the pictures I wanted to use. More later.
xoxo Amy

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

I got a big chuckle out of imagining you holding Joseph up to the lifeguard. ::snort::

How fun that you saw the boys at Walmart.