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Monday, August 4, 2008

More Vacation

Here are the promised pics of the Zoo and final days in San Antonio. I didn't realize I didn't take that many pics at the zoo. I really need to get another little camera. The big one is fun to play with but, so bulky. Anyway I think too that I didn't take alot of pictures because we have been there so many times it was like got that too......
Hey. You know how I said that I didn't think Tom would actually be able to get anything done on the house this past weekend? Well, I was wrong. It's not alot but it was a bit time consuming.
He put in the electrical and box for the living room switch. THEN! He cut sheet rock to fit across the top and down the side a bit. THEN! He took it down. THEN!He started thinking. Not a good thing. What are we going to do right here when we remodel the kitchen? Will this area stay? What about the switches? Do you still want the entry hall with the cubbies and coat hangers? Will there be an island? Where? This area has to stay in one fashion or another because of support.

Now this wall that looks into the kitchen sits farther back than the wall in the study. The study wall with the window and door that look into the carport will eventually be gone. There will be an entry door from the outside at the front of the house. We plan to have a sort of mud room/hall area as you come in that door. Then on the other side of that the large kitchen.
Tom was up til 1:30am last night working on ideas. I'm going to take look here soon. Right now I don't understand why we can't just sheetrock the area and keep on moving. Because I forsee that next summer will be the earliest for doing the kitchen. And what about the deck and bathroom? I thought they were next. OR is he planning to do it all at once? AAUUGGHH Remodel horror stories starting to cave in on me. I Don't Want to Do ALL that "Ourselves". Too much!

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