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Thursday, August 28, 2008


grab the phone.....check caller id.......SAISD.....oh no, already?......maybe it is Lisa the Librarian scheduling my work time.
Hi Amy, it's Tiffany the Nurse.
snot Yes.
I have James in my office. He is running a 100.7 temp and his throat looks a bit pink.
Ok, I'll come get him.

I then called the clinic and made an appointment. Allen didn't see anything too alarming. Ears clear etc....... Let's do a Strep swab just in case. It will take about 5-7 minutes for results.
Nurse comes in and takes a swab. Two minutes later she sticks her head back in. It showed positive in a minute. So we got a prescription and came home.
Poor James. He was so very upset when I picked him up. The office staff and Tiffany were telling me he kept saying he was ok and needed to get back to class. He so didn't want to leave school. This morning he is trying to convince me he is ok and doesn't need his medicine.
The kids are doing well so far. Joseph had to spend a little time in time out at recess for spitting water. But it really hated it so we're hoping this has made an impression and he knows Mrs. C is serious when she says stop or time out.
William is loving studying for his spelling test. Audrey is still very excited about 4th grade and Mrs. L. She had to watch the news for current events. This morning she said "This is really interesting. We should watch the news every morning for like 10 minutes."

Stay well and stay current. Love ya'
Amy and the Herd

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