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Saturday, August 30, 2008

No Hair!

Thursday James & I Picked the others up after school and headed to Sports Clips. The boys had been in major need of haircuts but it just didn't work before school started. William goes back first, then James. I start to hear him getting a bit upset and telling the girl no. I go back. "Mom, she won't give me no hair!"
James! I won't let her give you no hair.

But, I want to be like Jackson and Ricco.

Apparently a recent Hannah Montana show had Jackson and Ricco with skull caps pretending to be bald for some reason. I don't know.
James stayed fairly upset for awhile but did calm down enough to get a decent hair cut. We did get rid of alot of hair! When leaving that area the girl cutting William's hair says he wants a mohawk. That's ok but just with gel. Sorry no picture.

About as close to no hair as you can get! He went back to school Friday and had a good day.

I had lunch with JJ yesterday. It was great. She is going to be a terrific 4year old teacher. Her room is so very cute too. I then picked up a paint to go sample of the same paint color my sister in law has that I love so much. shhhh......I also have several big plastic boxes and plan to get a bunch of junk out of the office. then, shhh.....perhaps paint the office........ If the rain doesn't hamper us too much this weekend Tom and I plan to hang sheet rock. I am currently trying to convince Tom to hire someone to do the built in work in the living room so we can get this done. The stores have all their fall stuff out and some places have Christmas. I love to decorate this time of year. My biggest goal will be to get the stuff that is piled up everywhere organized and sorted better.
Getting out of the truck after school yesterday I noticed something orange around Joseph's waist. Hey Joseph, what's that?

It's my orange.

What happened?

Coach gave me an orange bow for my pants.

I guess I pulled the wrong pair of pants out of the drawer yesterday and didn't notice they were practically falling off the kid! Thanks Coach.

This part of a jump rope.

The wedding for today fell through. The lady had other expenses dropped on her and didn't get Gregg any $$ so we aren't going. We have some small school Fall pictures set up. One of them is a public school in a near by small town. He wants me to school some pics too! I'm scared! But, think I can probably do it.

Well I need to get busy.


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