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Monday, August 11, 2008

Watching the Cowboys........

Just got a Whole Lot BETTER!!!!!

Welcome Texas Tech Red Raiders!!!!!!

My all time favorite, almost named my first son after, Zach Thomas!!!!!!!!! (not really. Thomas was a definite middle name in my book. I liked the name Zachary but, we finally went with the family name William)
I saw him play several time when he was at Tech. 13 years ago.

And our buddy Danny Amandola. Rookie Cowboy punt/kick off returner. Now he had a fumble the other night but, hey we can give him a little slack for nerves.


I love watching Zach go in for the kill. I know I'll get his official position messed up so I won't try to name it. What I do know is he is defense and goes in for the quarterback most of the time. But, has had some terrific sacks on running backs too.

Love my Raiders that do it big in the Pros!!!!!!

And have you seen this!!!!!??!!!!!!
Yes! There is only one team on the cover. Which Texas Team?

No Longhorn, no Aggie, just Raiders. Not just one Raider but two and a Coach!

Now if you keep up with this kind of thing you know that this doesn't happen very often. There are usually 2 or 3 players from different Texas Colleges. Not this year! It's all Red & Black baby!

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