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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Well Planned Day

I'll wake up, help Tom get the rest of his stuff together for his trip. He'll go to work, I'll go back to bed.
James has a follow up appointment at Rehab. We'll go, they tell me what great progress he's made.
I'll get my laundry done and the kitchen cleaned.
We'll go to the grocery store then pick up Audrey's friend on the way home.
Enjoy an nice afternoon.

Gee......that would have been nice.


Kids can't sleep. End up with Audrey and a little in our bed at 3am. 6:15am William is up and getting sick. Tom is up and needing to find something.
I'm obviously up too.
Get Tom off for trip to Vegas. Decide to watch William and see what's up. He's been pulling this kind of thing off and on for nearly 3 weeks. What's up?
Decide to leave Audrey and William at home for the Rehab appointment. Our regular OT therapist is out and the Speech therapist left when she had a baby this summer. James still not doing well with Wh questions; Who, What, Where......... Recommend putting him back in a group once a week. yeah........ OT checked out fairly well. Recheck in 3 months and see how we're doing in school.
Pick up some lunch, stop off and make an appointment for William at the Pedi's office. Call Mom, can you come in while I take William to doc at 2:30p? Sure.
Get home, big kids still alive, always a good thing, they did just fine. Fed kids. Lawn guy shows up. I go to backyard to tether dogs and pick up a few toys. POP! Hmmm....wonder what that was. The mower is off.
Mom! Gary is here.

Ok, I'm coming. Those darn kids probably left something horrible in the yard. He hit it and now his mower is broken.


Now the weedeater guy wasn't that close to the truck and wasn't even weedeating! He had just started to reve it up. Now maybe something did fly up and the window did this. The window repair guys inform me that this glass is suppose to do this . If we were in an accident then we could get out. Ok, I'll buy that. Anyway, Gary will work with us. Tom as you know is gone. So I call my friend Debbie at a local body shop. She's not there but, a friend of Tom's from Sanderson happens to work there. He totally takes care of me. Get's me all set up with the auto glass people, checks on the insurance, everything. The glass came in this morning, the auto glass place picked it up, fixed it and brought it back with in an hour.
Ok, back to my day. While vacuuming up glass with our great new shop vac a moving truck goes down the street and takes out a big limb from the neighbors tree. Scared the tt out of me. Mom gets here and I leave with William. After an hour in the office she checks him out and decides to get a stool sample. Can he go in the office? Nope. Yep, now I get to go home and catch poop.
Mom loaned me her car and I went to HEB for a few gotta haves. While out she calls. William got it himself. I rush home because the poop has to be at the lab with in about 30 minutes.
Haven't heard anything yet.
I called the friends mom and filled her in. We decided not a good idea to have her kid here too.
Seeing as how I woke this morning with an upset tummy and runny britches guess that was a good call.
Today, we are just hanging out. Audrey and the twins are doing well. William and I just want to sleep.
So hope you avoid the end of summer bugs. I hope I'm over this before Saturday. Gregg and I are taking pics at a wedding. Yep Gregg and I. I get to have a camera too this time. Oh boy!
My pillow's calling. Take care.

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Mythreesons said...

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