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Thursday, September 25, 2008


My family is going to find me a 9-5 job if I keep ditching them. Surgery last week, CPR training Tuesday. I left the house at 20 til 6pm and returned just before midnight. The two instructors are fun girl scout mom friends of mine and the only other class attendant was my troop leader. So a class that I crazily thought would go quickly with a small group and end around 9:30 didn't get going til 6:30p and we visited after the class til 11:30p. Oops.
This evening at 6pm (10 hours away) my family will leave me at church and not see or hear from me again til Sunday at 11am. Whoa. I am going on the ACTS Retreat. I have been old the words ACT stands for but can't remember. There are Women ACTS and Men ACTS. I have heard wonderful things about these retreats and am finally getting to go. As far as my family goes I am most concerned about night routine tonight and morning off to school routine in the morning.
I'll tell you all about it next week.
I have to get moving now. Too many things to do and I just have to go to Bible Study even if for only an hour. I start to have withdrawals. Last week there was this whole you just had surgery yesterday you need to stay home thing I had to deal with.
Take care. Love you all. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
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As far as my weight countdown goes I have been sitting at my WW goal weight for probably nearly 4-5 weeks. The real bummer is that I haven't been to a meeting to weigh in. Once you hold your goal weight for 6 weeks you make lifetime member. No brainier huh? GO TO A MEETING! Just can't seem to get it together. Perhaps starting soon will be good motivation to stay away from Halloween candy and holiday snacking. We'll see.
xoxo Amy

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Federico Medina Jr. said...

Adoration - the call by, acceptance of, and response to God

Community - the love and caring of each other

Theology - the study of God through scripture and the Catholic Faith

Service - to God and his people.