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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lesson in Physics

I haven't left, relapsed or forgotten you all. My recovery has gone very well. By Saturday afternoon I declared recovery time over. J&J were starting to take advantage. They were playing nice outside when I heard the leaf blower. I go outside and find this.
They are shooting hotwheel cars out of the leaf blower. Since there wasn't enough force to turn the small cars to dangerous projectiles, the boys were entertained and leaving me alone, Go with God. I closed the door and asked the Angels to take over. When I told their dad what they were doing he commented "Oh, studying physics."
All went well til Monday afternoon when they started using sidewalk chalk and peagravel. AND William became involved. When the twins would get a toy stuck they would turn it off and call for help. Not William. He crams like 8 toys in the blower and when they don't come out he begins to bang the blower on the driveway. I make it out the door just in time to see *~*~*~ colored smoke coming out of the machine. It's dead.

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Ami said...

Now that's funny! You are the best storyteller.