Christmas 2013

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well, I have so many thoughts going through my head and so many jobs I need to get done around here. Audrey stayed home ill yesterday and today. I hope she is better tomorrow. The boys have been having great days at school. knock on wood. Yesterday they took gerber flowers to their teachers, student teachers, school secretaries, and principal.

Life after Retreat is still wonderful. I love that I am able to stay connected with my new Sisters. I also love that they all have the same wonderful Spirit outside the retreat center as they do in. I have a couple of funny typical Amy things to share. Here's the first.
We turn our watches in when we check in to retreat, 7pm Thursday. I was very distraught about this. Not knowing what time I was actually laying down to sleep, what time is it when I wake during the night, what time is it that they are ringing that silly bell. What time is it now!?
We had a speaker Friday morning then following a break the Bishop came in. He had a watch on! The watch had a HUGE face on it. Don't look.....Don't look..... I was so obsessed with his watch I didn't pay much attention to what he was saying. Look away. You don't need to know. Stop it! Ok, I'm calm. He's leaving now and taking that thing with him. OH no....He's coming this way! HE's shaking hands..... Don't look! AAUUUGGHHH I looked! It's 10:35am!
Friday night I woke with an urge to go to the Adoration Chapel. The Adoration Chapel was available the whole time we were there. The ACTS Team, presenting the Retreat, took shifts praying in the chapel. No, I don't want to go. Yes you do. No, I don't. I don't know what time it is and they might be coming along with that bell any minute. I'm tired. I don't care. You need to go. No! This goes on for a little while. This was one of my Jonah moments. You know those times when you strongly feel the Lord telling you to do something and you don't want to. You swim away from him. Then that silly whale shows up, picks you up and tosses you back out on the shore at the Lord's feet. I finally got tired of swimming away and decided that I wasn't going to get any peace til I went to the chapel. I go into the chapel and felt a strong urge to pray for my sister. Not knowing then that she was leaving for Virginia the next day, Saturday, instead of Sunday. I'm in the chapel just a few minutes when I hear the door open. Someone come in and someone goes out. It's Shift Change! The schedule is posted on the door! I know the ladies leaving and I know the ladies coming in. This could be so easy. I continue to pray for awhile then get up to leave. Hug Muriel and walk out. I close the door and head down the corridor, never looking at the outside of the door. I look heavenward. "HA! You didn't get me this time. I passed the time test. I don't even care. They can come with the bell anytime. Big deal." I haven't put my watch on yet!
My friend Melissa encouraged me to leave it in my purse the rest of the day, Sunday. I did. Later at Wal-Mart I was hurrying the kids along. "Let's finish up. We've got to go." "What time is it?" I look at my watch wrist and all that is there is my REtreat bracelet with the Holy Spirit charm and Arch Angel charm. "It is 1/2 past the Holy Spirit and a quarter til the Arch Angel. Let's go." They look at me and headed off down the aisle. I guess if the Holy Spirit is involved we'd better go!
I am loving the release. I have a clock on the wall, a clock in the car, a clock on my cellphone, a clock on the cable box. I don't need it on my wrist allllll the time. And you know what. It seems as though I have more time!
Ok. Well so much for not having enough 'time' to type alot. Off to do work and nurse my little girl.xoxo Amy