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Monday, October 6, 2008

Some stuff from the past

I realized last night while downloading pictures that there were a few events I haven't blogged yet.
I have Joseph home today. HE was home Friday too. He has the runny britches which aren't fun, especially when they catch him at 2am! We are doing what we can to clear it up. We must have a strain of something that just keeps passing through the family. I am spraying, washing, scrubbing like a crazy woman.
Here are a few pics from the Cotton Festival in my home town. It was held mid September. The first year in I don't know how long we didn't have something else going on and were able to make the parade.

Only in Small Town America do you take a guy up on his offer. A little kid next to us was waving and the tractor driver let him on board. Ofcourse Joseph started jumping up and down "Me too!" Come on...... Yep, I took my kid out, put him on the seat and waved bye.

Ok. Math and Science Night pictures to come. But, right now it's back to disinfecting!


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