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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Too Long

Ok, I have posted way too much this morning and it is time to get moving. But, I have to fill you in on a few things. In the following post you will read about our poop experiences yesterday and how Audrey was designated poop detector. See, when a kid tells a teacher that he/she has diarrhea or 'wet poop' in their pants they call a parent. They don't check or won't check or can't check I'm not sure. They don't look a family member has to. So. Tom made a run and I made a run yesterday. This morning James cried poop again. They called Audrey to check. She said yes there is poop and ran back to class. They called me. I go up. We head to James' room to get his bag because I figure that if Audrey said yep there is something there and we went through all that drama yesterday I might as well take him home and monitor for myself. In his room he says his tummy hurts. I get him to go into the potty. Nothing on His Pants! But, he did have some loose business in the potty so I brought him home. But, I am thinking Audrey needs a lesson in what true wet poop in the pants looks like and what poor stain removal looks like. As you all know I Hate Laundry! I do try but, in the end I will shrink it, miss a stain, and/or never get it out really well. So, I am working on a method to show Audrey how to detect ewww call Mom and Oh James you're fine don't bother me again.
He is home, off milk and drinking Gatorade.
This week is Drug Awareness Week. Just say No to Drugs.
Yesterday was hats off to drugs. Today is William's favorite day of the whole year. Pajama Day! He wears his pjs to bed and just wakes up and goes. He and Audrey wore their robes too. I put a little black eyeshadow under their eyes for bags. They loved it. Joseph thought it was the coolest thing to wear pajamas to school!
Poor tired children going to school. They have bags under their eyes and not enough energy to even put on clothes........ This is Audrey's tired face.

William enjoys a mug of hot cocoa with peppermint creamer before heading out for another hard day at school.
Ok, well that is all for now. See below for many more updates, pictures, slideshows.

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Therese said...

Hi Amy,

Thanks for your post at my blog. Your post made me laugh.

I look forward to reading more about your family.