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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Girl Scout Ceremony

Yesterday was wild. I substituted at the preschool in one of the 3 year old rooms. What fun! I really did have a good time. Even when the school called at 9:00a to tell me James was reporting wet poop in his pants. I had students and parents checking in and couldn't leave. I call Tom who had stayed home with sinus problems. He had to go to school to check. Reported later "Nothing there!" in a very not happy voice. They called again at 12:15 and I went to school, again nothing there. We decided Audrey could check the next time! No reports the rest of the day. More on this later.
Leave preschool at 1:40p to make mad dash through HEB. Now that the store has nearly doubled in size quick dash doesn't apply, it is a mad dash.
Get home, unload truck while making and receiving some 3-5 phone calls. Mom comes to watch boys. Pick up kids at school. drop boys with Mom. Take Audrey to GS meeting that would last through rehearsal, homework, pizza, and ceremony. So I went from 10 3 year olds to 8 third and fourth grade girls. Fun! 6pm parents and grandparents have arrived and had a very official flag ceremony and bridging ceremony. Very emotional for me. These are my girls!! And seeing them take this big step to being more responsible GS was major for me. They did a wonderful job and I think the 'wow' of the situation settled in a bit more for them.
Here is our slide show.
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