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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is Tom's 45th birthday. Did I just tell an age? Yep. We don't worry, well we try not to worry, about age too much around here. We're just happy that we make it through another year and are relatively healthy. Tom has been diabetic or over 30 years. He still has working kidneys and decent eye sight. He has a good job and great insurance. He doesn't get wrapped up in age. The fact that my 40th birthday is 15 months and 23 days away doesn't bother me at all. really.....::snort:: :) ;) Ok. I just snorted, smiled and winked at you. Just incase you are a bit slow and didn't know that :) is a sideways smile. Because like everybody does it. And like it's not lame or anything and like of you're sort of behind and don't know that like that is what that is. And if like your e-mail outlook thing doesn't automatically give you a smiley face when you type in :) so you can like figure it out after like a biggillion :) :) :) later!
No, I'm not talking about' this lame ol' friend of mine. Yeah, that's it..... She never could figure out what :) and ;) was. Then it kind of started to make sense so she tried it in an e-mail and BAM this automatic circle with a smiley face in it popped up and bling the light bulb went off in her head!
This happens alot with me....I mean my friend.
But, I stand behind my belief that some things are hidden from our view so that it may be revealed to us when we need to know.
Oh Snot! it is 9:40p. This e-mail is suppose to be about Tom's birthday. but, it is my blog and I can make it all about me anytime I want.
Ok. Birthday. This past weekend was designated Daddy's birthday weekend. Because Tom is the actual true Red Raider. He spent the 5 years at school and got the degree. I attended a local college that is now part of the Tech University System so guess what. When he joined the Alumni Assoc. this past weekend they accepted me too! So now I'm like one of those honorary people. right? :) :) :)
Ok. Back to Tom. So this morning I wake the kids and tell Joseph to go tell Daddy good morning and Happy Birthday. He takes off. Then comes back with a big grin on is face...We gonna have Cake!?! Oh, no, I don't have a cake for today. MOM! You gotta have cake!
So, I made sure to pick up a cake for Dad. I found an 1/8 of a sheet cake with blue icing (my favorite), and a SpongeBob balloon, a 4 and a 5 candle. Voila! We have a b-day cake. Store bought and perhaps a bit dry but, cake none the less.
Hey, it's not home made but, I took him to Olive Garden for lunch today. He even had the honor of picking up the tab. See, I'm not heartless.
He happen to come home early today so was home when I got here with the kids. So we fixed up the cake in the truck and they carried it in singing.
He is now in the garage doing 'man' things. He finished ripping down the molding around the opening into the dining room. JJ - don't think about it. because Yes, the molding came off both sides.
Well. I have to go fold some clothes or do the made screaming through the house tearing through laundry basket dance in the morning at 7am.
Love ya'


Therese said...

Happy B-day to your hubby, and yes the post can still be about you! ;)

Therese said...

Happy Birthday Tom from Therese in Oz.

I am going to tel my son Tom (another type one diabetic) about you and having diabetes for over 30 years. Our Tom has had it for nearly 8 years. Next March it will be 8 years.

Marilena said...

congratulations amy on your win of my saint philomena book give away!

Marilena said...

amy, your book is on the way:) please let me know when you get it:)