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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

We hope your day was as nice as ours. We had wonderful food prepared by my mother. We ate in her new dining room. We enjoyed visiting with family that was able to come. We missed aunts and uncles who traveled to other states/towns or who unfortunately are no longer with us. We missed my sister and her family but, know they had a wonderful day in North Carolina. We missed Tom's parents and a good ol' Thanksgiving at their home. We have now lost both of them. That was always the big holiday with them. We are thankful for our blessings and pray for those who are less fortunate.

Here is a quick smilebox to show you a bit of our day. Yes, I am up making a smile box and in right about 6 hours I need to be pulling up to JJ's house to embark on our yearly Black Friday outing. Now how many would guess that this is something I do? I use to think JJ was nuts. Her and her little gang of shoppers. Then October of 2002 I learned I was pregnant with twin boys and the desire to save $$ anywhere and everywhere was born. My first crazy Friday was that year. I have been a faithful door buster ever since. The last two years and this year we really haven't found that gotta get item in the fliers but, we still head out and are there when the bell rings. We lost our Toys R Us about 3 years ago now and that really hurts. We have door busted Wal-Mart since then. I had the kids there this evening when we got back into town. I can only read sign language and strange body movement for so long before I give up and have to have James show me what he is asking for. Audrey can make a list as long as your arm in 5 seconds and still need more paper. Joseph and William each have their one item they are set on and it is hard to get other ideas from them. So we will cross our fingers and hope for the best.
We kind of consider Black Friday as the social event of the year. Better stock up on my Blog cards to hand out to those friends I don't see often. Yes, I have a business size card that has my blog address and e-mail on it. It comes in handy when I see people who like to know what we are up to and I know they aren't going to remember that long address.
Well enjoy and if I'm not unconscious tomorrow evening after a full day I'll fill you in!
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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Hey, I made a little slide show too. Enjoy your Black Friday shopping....not sure if I'll brave it tomorrow or not.

Therese said...

Enjoy your shopping. I often wonder what shopping at something like Black Friday would be like. We don't have anything like it here.

I have passed an award and tag onto your blog. See my blog for details.