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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Vampire Pictures!

Ok, if you haven't read the post about my trip to Austin then skip down and read the one below this one and come back.
Here is the vampire kiss photo I told you about earlier.
I don't think I have the correct 'pose' look for this picture but, who cares.
My rear still looks so big. maybe it is!?! I think I'll make some large copies of these and post on the refrigerator door and snack cabinet and microwave and....and....and...... as a reminder. As Tom says I've come too far on my Weight Watchers walk to fall back to old habits.

It is 9:20p and I am off to bed. Amazing! Snuggle time in bed with Hubby.

See ya'!


Therese said...

snuggle time is my favourite time of day. I don't think your butt looks too big. I think my butt would be bigger.

Therese said...

My butt is definitely bigger! You look fabulous!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!