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Friday, November 7, 2008

Hello ....My name is Amy....

And I am a blogger>>>
I have noticed that the trial of explaining a blogger addiction to a spouse is a common disease. I have also noted that getting one blog friend confused with another is also very common.
And here it is 4:30p. Hubby will probably walk through the door any minute. The most I have accomplished is getting the car washed and cleaned out. No I didn't wash it are you nuts? I went to a drive thru. But, I did clean it out. Ask JJ, that's no easy feat. Her son tried to earn a few extra dollars this summer so I offered him 5 bucks to clean out my truck. I ended up paying him 10 but still he never came back..... I wouldn't either.
Anyway, met wih GS leader to make plans for our troop sleepover next weekend. Trip to SAm's to stock up on a few things. OH! I knew there was something else. Are you ready for this....Are you there Crazy Mom of 4. (she is just like me 4 kids in 31/2 years. she too rolled up doubles on the 3rd pregnancy. However....she has alllllll girls!) Ok. This morning at 8:45 for the second time in my life I viewed the Puberty Movie! YES! Audrey is in the Fourth Grade and will on November the 19th see a short 15 minute film talking about Puberty! Thankfully I am at school often and have just as many nearby friends as blog friends. I was given the heads up regarding this film being shown this year. It was also recommended to me that I get the American Girls book the Cleaning and Keeping of Me....or something like that. I did and intend to have Audrey start reading it this weekend with me and we can discuss it.
Now, did you note something very funny in this last sentence. Read it this weekend. Have you been paying attention? What are we doing this weekend? Yes, that's right, we're going to Lubbock. Now Audrey intends to take this book along. Do you foresee something not so great happening. Like oh say we are tootaling along the road and Audrey gets to the part about hair growing in certain places and blurts out an "OH MY GOD!" Tom wants to know what is going on, William wants to see what Audrey is reading etc.... do you see the snowball affect that could happen. THis all came to me this morning in the library as I was filing books. (I volunteer at the school library when I can and help shelve books etc.... Lisa the Librarian is a good friend. I made her spew coffee out her nose when I had this revelation this morning.) So, I am thinking that the 19th is plenty far away that we can perhaps get this book out after the weekend. She hasn't mentioned it this evening so I think we can ...possibly.... leave it... ummmm has anyone seen the book? Uh might be too late. I better go check her bag. I think I had the book in here earlier. Now, this would be the one time she would actually listen to me and pick her stuff up.
Oh well. I'm sure I will have lots more to post on this later. Sorry Mom. Hope you didn't hurt yourself when you fell out your chair just now.
I think I horrify my Mom every now and then with my 'thoughts' that plung out onto the screen.
Ok. Don't have time to share much but here are a few pics of Audrey's field trip to ASU the other day. The fourth grade classes at her school as well as a couple of other school in town attended a Science Day at the local college. It was great. Once I found her that is. I got there a bit late and trapsed up and down the stairs several times looking of her class. I got a schedule but the girl who gave it to me wasn't sure which group Audrey was in. As I traveled up and down the stairs I figured that the inability to find my 'class' could have something to do with why it took me 5 years to get out of college!
Here are some pics. Enjoy.
I probably won't be back til Sunday evening. Wish us luck!

I caught up with them in reptile room.

Then there was hands on........Cover your nose this might stink!
Well, I've been caught on the computer. Love ya!


Therese said...

eww is right for that giraffe.

I have passed an award on to you since you are such an addicted blogger. Not really. It is because this blog deserves it.


Corinne said...

You have an award posted on my blog, just a heads up and CONGRATULATIONS!