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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Home Sick

I am not suppose to be on the computer. I am suppose to be helping Gregg at a daycare. He is taking pics at a daycare today and I am at home with Joseph. Why? Joseph has strep throat! Yesterday morning 4am he cries out. I go in thinking he had a bad dream. "My throat hurts." I send him to my room and go for the thermometer. Sure enough 101 fever. Tom's only comment is "Get him to a Doctor!" Sound like the comment of a man not wanting weekend plans ruined? I call right when the clinic opens and they had one appt left for the day, 2:30pm. Alan said that all looked ok but, he'd run the in office strep test. This happened a few months ago with James. Same story, the test that would take about 5 minutes showed positive in one. Joseph is now had two doses of his 5 days of medicine. My house smells like Lysol and cinnamon apples. (0h funny story on smells I just remembered. share in a moment.) Joseph feels so secluded not being allowed to sleep with James, or eat near others or play with the same toys. But, all agree we need him better and no one else sick. Everybody is psyched up about attending the Tech vs OSU game this weekend.
Ok, funny smell story. Ever have that smell in your house and not sure what it is or where it is coming from? I took out the trash, I cleaned out the litter box, ran the disposal with cleaner in it. Made sure all the dirty dishes we cleaned out. Smell is still here! Frogs! Clean them up. Nope smell still here. PUMPKINS! Aaauuugghhh Every Year! Amy will you never learn. They are not fake! They Rot! OOHHH Gross........
Yep. I had checked the little pumpkin James carved with his therapist or all the cute little pumpkins and gourds on the dining room table. GROSS~!~ This happens every year.
I ran into a friend at Wal-Mart and they commented on the candles in my basket. "Yep. Can't find the smell so I've decided to mask it!" She being an older women who probably has a very clean home laughed but, had that "oh my!" look in her eye.
Well, I have been on the computer way too long and still haven't done the Lubbock research I told Tom I'd check on. I have found all these neat new blogs and the ladies are all so sweet and nice I just have to stop by and comment. Oh, you all will love this. You know how when you comment on a blog and then can click the update me box? Well, I do that, so I get all the comments that go on some of your blogs as well as mine. It was hysterical the other night Tom was looking on the e-mails for one he was expecting with special attachments etc.. anyway, he sees all these 'comment' messages....
"What exactly is all this?"
"Oh, those are my new friends I was telling you about. That's Therese in Australia."
"Australia? How'd you meet her."
"Through another blog." "That's another Therese. Can't remember right now where she is." "There's Marilena. She lives in the Rockies and just got Snow! She has two blogs I watch. One has recipes!!! You'll like that blog." "There's Angie in Colorado. She's the sweet UT fan who will be cheering for Tech this weekend." "And there's J.J. And there's.......
"Ok....Ok...I get much time do you spend on the computer in the mornings? blogging"
"huh...I can't hear you.....I'm walking down the hall.....I gotta go..............."
This is a true conversation. If he had sat down any other day I would have already checked e-mails and been fine. But, no, Mr. technology decided to see how well the new TV works with the computer. Yep. Our 42 inch TV that now occupies 1/2 the living room, can be a computer monitor. Great for the man who's eyes are failing. Not so great for the Mom who likes to stop by her computer off and on all day long. Now I have to compete with the tv watchers. AND now I don't get to watch my DVR'd shows in the evenings if he is needing the computer. But, I have been told we will get it all worked out. Perhaps that 'old' computer can be recovered and used somewhere too. It does make it easier to monitor the kids time on the computer and what they are doing. Blessings every where.....Sometimes we just gotta open our eyes. Well, speaking of kids on the computer Joseph is wanting to play a few of his games and I had better get moving.
Thanks for coming by!


Therese said...

I am in Wisconsin...we have the same conversations here!

Nikki said...

I know well those conversations and I am only a baby blogger! I love my new cyber-friends. I speak of them as if everyone here knows who they are.

I am sure we would get along well. Anyone who can converse about college football gets a thumbs up from me. I am a Buckeye fan, but enjoy all college football. I rooted for you last week too. That was a great game. I woke dh up yelling after that last catch :)

Therese said...

lol. I think I have been on blogger for long enough now that my husband knows not to ask me about it.

I think though he is glad that I have all these online friends that are good solid Catholics.

Therese said...

oh. Whoops. Forgot to say I am sorry your son has strep throat. I hope he recovers quickly. It is the pits being isolated.

Tell him Therese in Australia is praying for a quick recovery.

Amy said...

Thank you THerese,
Joseph is doing much better today and thinks it is way cool someone in Australia is praying for him. Ofcourse outside of knowing there are kangaroos in your neck of the woods he hasn't a clue where Australia is!