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Sunday, November 16, 2008


Well this is suppose to be a whole report on the Troop sleepover Audrey and I attended Friday night. However, I have received a call tonight to substitute at the preschool tomorrow and think it might be a good idea to make a few bucks for Christmas cash. So I will leave a brief report and hope to get back soon.
We had a lot of fun. Mrs. Mary and I had 6 girls at the sleepover. Our local Girl Scout office has been around awhile. They have a nice big room where we slept. concrete floor but, hey girl scouts have to learn to rough it right? Of course that was my frame of mind Friday morning. Saturday morning come about 1:30a when I realized my air mattress lost most it's air and I was laying on the floor I wasn't as tough. My back still hurts! I was in my sleeping bag but there isn't much padding there.
The girls cooked, cleaned, washed their dishes using a dunk bag. It was alot of fun and I truly enjoyed getting to know the girls better.
Well it's off for a hot bath and a mental prep for tomorrow.

Don't forget to see the following post about our trip to the Nature Center!

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