Christmas 2013

Monday, December 22, 2008

Thief! Thief!

Officer! Officer! Thief! Thief!
Yes Mame' may I help?
He went that way. Go get him.
What did he take?
My Dog Poop! Go Go Get him.

Yep, I had my dog poop snitched. I have worked very hard in the backyard to rack up the leaves and dog poop. I had 8 huge bags of 'stuff' in the alley. Yesterday afternoon while Tom was braving the crowds with the kids in an attempt to buy me a Christmas gift, I was home enjoying the peace. I look up to see what Biscuit is barking at. Biscuit never barks. A small white pick-up with a camper cover on the back pulls up behind my house. A guy gets out and pops the back and begins to load my bags in the back of his truck. I watched and that is all he took. He left our house trash alone. So I figure he needs mulch material. Some of it is pretty rank but, more power to him.
You want to know ticks me off. I was waiting til the last 3 piles are picked up then I was going to take a picture for my Blog. I wanted as many bags in the picture as possible to gain sympathy. Oh well.
Saturday was a very prosperous day. Tom rented a trailer and we moved our piano, bookcase, buffet, and shoe dept chairs from one storeroom to another. Wonderful furniture but, all falling apart. The buffet, honest to goodness, is held together with rope. Tom's family owned a Mercantile store in a small town near Del Rio. This was a huge three story store that was an awesome place in it's hay day when Tom's grandfather started it. We had to close the store in 1998. The third floor had been used as storage for store items, family items etc..... We got several nice pieces. The bookcase is the top part of a display cabinet. It is about 5 feet tall and a good 7-8 feet long. We intend to have it refinished and a base made for it. If you hang around long enough you might see pictures of it all done up nice and in the house. But, I mean you really have to hang around a long time. The piano was on the third floor as well and was used at dances etc... The buffet is believed to have come from the Ranch house many many years ago. And the shoe dept chairs are like old theatre chairs that are all stuck together with cushioned seats and wood backs.
I should have taken pictures, not sure why I didn't.
Tom and I were able to load the piano but had to call in Tom's brother to help unload it. We need to release that old store room so the boys don't have to pay for it anymore. There are still a few things to go through. Perhaps we'll get it done before the first of January when the next payment is due. We'll see.
The kids are home today and the weather is cold. we want to make more cookies and there is alot of house cleaning up on the list. We have Mom and Dad's Open House tonight at the Farm. Mom is very excited to have a party with lots of food, friends, and her newly remodeled home.
Well, watch your trash and have a cozy day!


Therese said...

That's interesting...glad he has a need for it!

Merry Christmas!!!

Mythreesons said...

That is so weird. The other day Brian swore our trash had been gone through. I just figured it was a dog but, Brian said it looked like a person had untied it and moved it. You never know!