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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

This Glorious Night

Standing right smack dab in the middle of the Christmas tree farm I waited to be chosen. I had been waiting for a kind family to pick me. but, I knew today was my lucky day. First of all I gazed around. Suddenly I heard a little girl yell "Mommy Daddy It's the ONE!"
Oh, just by looking at the little girl I knew it was the family for me. She was so pretty in her red jacket that happened to have a bright shiny tree on it. And her pink Santa hat was pulled down over her ears.
Oh No! I thought as her dad threw the shining sharp ax over his shoulder and POW! I fell on the hard snow covered ground. They carried me to the old wrinkly lady and Cha Ching, pinged the cash register as they paid for me. Now we are on our way!
Secondly, her mom threw me into the back of their gray suburban. SLAM! They shut the doors and we zoomed off. Ouch! Ouch! that road was bumpy. We drove right through town. Finally we arrived at their house, 123 First street. The girl and her mom struggled to pull me out of the gray suburban. "Hurry Mommy," she yelled. Plop0. They placed me on their green tree stand that was on top of the fancy red carpet. Then before I knew it I was right smack dab in the middle of their living room, feeling like a star!
Last of all, they decorated me with tinsel, ornaments and lights. First the tinsel. Ha! Ha! that tickles. Next the lights. Suddenly they plugged me in 'WOW'! I'm the brightest tree in the whole wide world I thought to myself. Now the ornaments, ' My favorite part,' yelled the girl. Ouch! They are sharp on the tips. 'She's beautiful,' screamed the little girl. 'She's like a princess.'
Feeling special, my branches reached to the ceiling. I was right this was my lucky day!
Merry Christmas!

Story by Audrey of the Herd. She has been doing alot of writing this year in school. They are preparing for the TAKS test this Spring.


De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Merry Christmas, Amy.

Therese said...

this is such a great story. Well done Audrey.

Merry Christmas to the Herd Family from the Aussie Family down under.