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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Warm day

We are expecting a nice weather day today, yeah. I will finish working in the backyard and then Tom wants to move some furniture from one storeroom to another. yippy.
The last day of school was nice. I got my thumb drive from the yearbook coordinator. This shouldn't be too hard. James was fever free since Thursday afternoon so I took him to school to eat pizza with his class. We then went on a quick round of stores to purchase a few last gifts and crickets. Rule #226 - You can't leave crickets in a bag in the truck for over 30 minutes. Some will die, especially if weather outside is in the high 60s.
I have been having fun reading up on other blogs. Seeing how my friends prepare for Christmas. Baking, Sewing, Praying, Getting a new baby. They are all so awesome.
I ask your prayers for my friend Nikki who is in China picking up her new baby girl. They have had her now for about 3 days or so. They have been posting pictures and info on their experience. They were in Beijing for several days before going to the city where Juliana was. They have officially adopted her and are now getting the paperwork done to make her a US citizen. They are there with 3 other families adopting little girls.
I also ask prayers for the family of some friends who live in my hometown. Tom has cancer that is terminal. He has been sick for a little over a year. He just had a trip to the hospital recently where they said it was time for Hospice. He has been able to go home and has a room set up for him. His family is gathered around. Please pray they have a Blessed Christmas. Thank you.
I am happy to report that Baby Reagan who received her new Heart on Valentines Day this year is doing awesome. She will celebrate Christmas at home this year with her sister and brothers. They are all so happy to be together in their home. Steve who took a trip to Houston on Christmas Day last year to find out he had Leukemia is doing great. After 8 months in Houston and a stem cell replacement he is doing great too. His family is happy to be celebrating a nice Christmas at home as well this year.
We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year.
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