Christmas 2013

Friday, December 19, 2008

Last Day of School!!

I'm so glad all the packages are wrapped. The baking is all done. The house is immaculate. The family is all healthy. Life is perfect.
You didn't really believe all that did you? I do have all the gifts purchased. The dog landed yesterday. Joseph's Bolt toys. I was getting a bit nervous. Not in stores here, not at I got them on e-bay. I also got his Dora magic house on e-bay. Have heard from seller so it should be here soon too. I think all else is taken care of. Lots and lots of wrapping to get done. I was lazy Tuesday and it has now come back to bite me. Monday and Wednesday I was at the preschool. Too much fun. I love the 2 1/2 year old class. There is a curly haired little doll named Madi who is totally precious. And when she prays I swear she's sitting on Jesus' lap. There is also Freddie Ann and Sammy. They are little cuties too. They all are but, I do have my favorites. And Auburn who always has a hug around the legs and kiss on the thigh for me.

So I goofed off Tuesday, worked Monday and Friday. Yesterday I was heading out the door to Bible Study, finish a couple of gifts and come home and wrap like a crazy women. The phone rings. School. James' is running a fever. Augh! He had a bad headache. Came home took some medicine and went to sleep. Had a bit of temp last night and is home this morning. But, doing well today. I have a meeting at school this morning at 9am. They caught me during a week moment at Book Fair in October and apparently I volunteered to collect candid pics of Kindergarten classes (3) for the yearbook. I better go and find out what I need to do. Tom is home with James while I go to the meeting. Perhaps I'll take James at 10:45 for his pizza party. William has been croupy all week. Taking meds and breathing treatment. I think it is getting better. I'm hoping that when I get him out of school and other kids he'll be better this weekend.
The kids and I did get about 8-9 dozen sugar cookies baked. They each had a few to take to their teachers. Last night I made 4 dozen stainglass butter cookies. A recipe I got off of it is really neat site. Check it out. Mrs. Claus has a whole slew of recipes in her kitchen.
They taste pretty good too. I was all 'hey check me out. I'm a baking fanatic.' Then I got to my friend Therese's blog. She's a cookie nut. She has made atleast 7-8 different kinds of cookies and I'll say atleast 4 dozen of each kind. Burst my bubble. She lives where they are expecting 8-12 inches of snow last night and she has 3 boys.
Love you Therese. Send leftovers this way!
JJ and I have for 20 years gotten together and baked at Christmas time. Due to work, school, sickness I'm thinking it won't happen this year. We started this tradition when we were seniors in high school and baked for our teachers. We have kept this up for 20 years. The last few years did turn out as a couple of loaves of cranberry bread and a few batches of fudge. But, we've been known to make it a two day extravaganza in the past. pre-children.
Well, I need to get to my meeting.
Love to you all.

I hope to be back later.


Therese said...

OK, so I just pulled my cut-outs out of the oven...Last ones...I have a huge family who comes over Chraistmas Eve and the leftovers freeze really well...well, and, I love to bake!

We did get 12 inches! Last day of school befor break-canceled! Cozy day at home where I am getting nothing on my list accomplished!

Therese said...

well I haven't cooked much so you are ahead of this Therese. I have been sewing though. I thought I was really behind in Christmas prep because the children finished school two weeks before Christmas. Usually it is only a week. I am glad to report thought that I am on track and should have everything done.