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Sunday, December 7, 2008


AAUUGGHH....It's been a week since I posted? Oh my! I have been pretty lazy this past week. Tom and I, (okay maybe more Tom than I but, I did help some), have been working on wiring and sheetrock. The wall is just about done! This was a busy kid weekend so I wasn't around to help hold the pieces up high but, that's about it for the 3rd wall in the living room. On to the 4th and final wall! Then we need to work on finishing around the openings, floating, mudding screw holes and then texturing the walls. This last stuff is my job. Well, mine and JJ's if I can bribe her hard enough to give me some of her days during the Christmas Break.
Speaking of JJ. You have heard the name. You know my love of her and her support of me. She is my Person. Meet my person. Meet My JJ . I was going to have a picture of us at age 6 and then this picture but when I went to get the album where the younger picture is well, let's just say it is in the construction zone and not easy to get to at 10pm at night. So I'll try to get it later.
Anyway, here we are. Picture taken this past Saturday by Audrey. I'm on the right if you don't know.

Whatchya' think of the new haircut? I love my hairstylist (Judy C. at Reflections.....) I hate that I sometimes get too much spray on my bangs and they look like clumpy sticks on my forehead! But the cut is one of those popular wedge cuts. However Judy and I both agree I'm not cut out for the major short hair climbing up the back of my head and the long on the sides. It's stacked in the back, just enough. Again, maybe I'll get you a picture of it later. James said I have Dora Hair! Not sure if that's a compliment or not. Audrey told me I look like JJ. And well I guess I do a little. I'm afraid we are a monkey see monkey do duo. She cut her hair in the wedge awhile back. She lightens her hair....I lighten mine..... We get each other into and out of trouble often. I will have a scathingly brilliant idea and drag her in with me and vice versa.
Today we had play practice at church. I was really proud of the twins. We were in church from 2:45p til 5:30p. The boys were extra good because they knew if they weren't I was going to call Daddy to come get them. Then they would miss their bestest friend Ciara's Birthday Party. And trust me, you don't want to miss a Ciara party. We met the family last year. Ciara was in James' class. I will post more on the party tomorrow.
Right now I really need to get some other things done and get ready for tomorrow. The party was a skating rink. I skated, alot really. I am a bit worried that I will be very sore tomorrow. I am scheduled to help at the Preschool tomorrow too! Girl Scouts after school. Etc....Etc......Etc.... you know.
Prayer Request....Please remember my friend Therese in the States. She fell down about 5 steps at her church this weekend. She didn't break or sprain anything but, is really sore and bruised. Also Tom, the son of Therese in Australia, he is diabetic (young boy) and is having some problems with his blood counts. He is in the hospital in their home town. It is Monday afternoon in Australia right now (10pm Sunday here in West Texas) I just read that his count has come down alot and he is doing better. Please pray that he is better soon and can go home.

God Bless you and yours as we travel through the second week of Advent.


Mythreesons said...

Thanks so much for Saturday morning. I loved them! I'm like you though you start going cross-eyed looking at all of them! I think the picture of us turned out great! Audrey did a great job! Love ya sista!

Therese said...

Thanks for mentioning Tom. We need to do some big adjustments for him I think. This is the second time he has had DKA in three months.

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

What a wonderful blessing childhood friends are. I love the photo and I like your new style as well.