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Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm still alive

I'm here. I'm still alive. I'm still busy.
Monday I worked at the Preschool floating to rooms helping where I could. Tuesday I helped at the library, got some shopping done, and I know I was busy but, now can't think doing what(?)
Wednesday night was Christmas program at church. It went well. I think Linda and I learned a few thing, alot of things, for next year. Oh, Wednesday morning, 3am, James woke up with his throat hurting. I took him to the employee clinic at 7:45a as the doors opened. They already had so much on the books they made me come back at 1:30. James had strep throat. Again. He had it in August. Joseph had it in November. Yuck!
So Tom was struck by the Christmas Program curse again. 2006 - big water main break and Tom working all hours. 2007 - Joseph sick, Tom stays with him. 2008 - James sick, Tom stays with him.
Yesterday morning Tom stayed home with James and I went on the Kindergarten field trip to the Christmas Tree farm. It was alot of fun. Joseph kept wanting to take his hat off. I had him wear a santa hat hoping he would keep it on longer, he did.
Last night Audrey had her 'awards' class at Ballet. The director watches them and grades them on their comprehension, form, etc.... She did ok. She really likes ballet and I love to watch the girls dance. Her teacher and the director (daughter/mother) are really great. They are firm but, fun.
WEll, I was to float at the preschool again today but, last night the teacher of the 2 1/2 year olds called and needs a sub. So I guess that is where I will be.
PRAY FOR ME! It gets wild. Audrey had to write a simili in her class. The line was 'the elves are as busy as...... She wrote 'my mom taking care of a class of 3 year olds.'
So I'm off.
Here are a few pics from the field trip yesterday.


Therese said...

WOW! Busy week! Field trip looks like it was fun!

Therese said...

love the photos.

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Poor Tom!