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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

300 POST......3500 HITS!

WOW! I am blogger.....Here me roar.
I have noticed that several others have little quizzes, contest, giveaways for special events. Sydney at Diapers and Deadlines is having a giveaway for her blog-i-versary. Go check it out.

I wanted something awesome for my 300th post. So I tried to hook the video camera up to the computer and just wing it without reading the manual. Not a good idea.
I am also suffering from a day of starvation. Yesterday was my first day to keep track of my WW points. Oh my. I thought I had been doing good. And I had really. My weigh in weight on Monday night was only 2 1/2 lbs more than my last weigh-in in July. So counted my bites yesterday and realized I had been snacking more than necessary. I got so delirious from starvation that while talking to JJ about her first day of counting Tom left. Ok. I need to start from the beginning of the day.

Tuesday Morning- kids to school. Trip to HEB to stock up on 'filler' foods. Yeah right.
Tuesdays have gotten busier and busier. Monday Audrey brought home a note that the teacher would like several of the students to stay for writing tutoring to practice for the TAKS.
So - 3:00p pick up boys. 3:30p Rehab for James. Visit with Speech Therapist and get scheduled changed - more on that later. 4:00p James goes across building to OT with Amanda. 4:30 visit with Amanda on progress, good, and leave to get Audrey. Pick Audrey up at school and get home by 4:45p. William needs to change into b-ball clothes but, there is bathroom time required. Audrey can't find her leotard so I am digging through wet clothes to find it. Goes in dryer with instructions to Audrey. Finally William is ready we leave at 5:15p for b-ball practice (5pm), Audrey calls me at 5:45p in panic because I didn't put her hair in a ballet bun. It's ok. Brush it well, put it in a pony tail and take your 'stuff' for Mrs. Cheryl to help you. NO. She says we have to have our hair in a bun. I know but, she will understand that I am not there. Have Daddy take you at 6:05 there will be plenty of time. But, we are suppose to be able to do it ourselves. Well then ask Madi's mom or Savannah to help you. oookkkk........
6pm phone rings - Tom You on your way home? No they are running a little longer. Well you need to leave early and come help Audrey with her hair. She won't go and let someone do it for her? No. You need to come. I got the message and grabbed William and left.
When I got home she had her hair up in a pony tail and kind of put up in a net. with pins in it. The pins didn't connect to the head really so it sort of flapped. She said her Daddy tried. He really did a good job, for a man with no experience. So we rush to the bathroom and get her hair up. She was only about 5 minutes late. The kicker was that Cheryl does truly understand and would have helped her with no problem. Then I look at the big girls and neither one of them have their hair in buns, just one of those folded up pony tails. I gave them a hard time. Their excuse for no bun ' We don't have any pins.' HA!
Get home and have message to call JJ. I am talking to her on the phone and Tom leaves. Leaves! Aauugghhh where did he go? I have to finish up supper and pick up Audrey in 45 minutes. He doesn't return. I finish my conversation with JJ. Then grab boys to go with me to get Audrey. As I walk to the truck it dawns on me. Airport Meeting. Duh. Tom had his once a month, first Tuesday meeting at the Airport. And the kicker - It's a meeting I reminded him of! See starvation can cause you to loose it, even more than normal.

Well, here it is 10am and I still don't have my 'stuff' together for Adult Faith class tonight. So I'm off to work on that.

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Just reading this exhausted me. You amaze me.