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Friday, January 16, 2009

Herd Momma!

Ok, the votes are in. I will now appear as Herd Momma on your comments. Let me know how this works. I know some blogs have a set up where the comments appear at the bottom of their post with no pictures. Other have the blogger comment 'stuff' where the comments appear in a kind of second window with pictures of the commenter, if the commenter has it set up that way. Let me know if you'd like me to add Amy to the id.
I am up early so I can get a couple of lunches made, get dressed, and be ready when I get kids up. So far I'm not doing so well. I substitute today in a 4 year old class. They are fun kids and the co-teacher is my BFF-JJ. So that will be the bestest part.
I had a terrible headache yesterday afternoon. But the beginning of the day was good. I worked in the library at school for about an hour and a half, attended Bible Study where our newest member is also a family member of mine, then lunch with De'Etta from Choosing Joy. It was great. I talked her ear off. But, I think the pot of coffee, fiber bar and then potato soup I had in that time frame did a number on my gallbladderless tummy. Why, not sure, but I hear from others who have had theirs removed that sometimes certain things will trigger a bad tummy ache. But no homework today, it's Friday so we'll all come home at 3pm and crash. Well, crash til it's time for b-ball practices.
Have a great Friday.
Herd Momma signing out!

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Your new identity worked well on my blog.

You did NOT talk my ear off, I had fun. Sorry to hear you suffered from the soup. Did I tell you that it turns out the tortilla soup is 8 points - I should have had the potato. ::snort:: I'm still debating what to do with points - stick with my WW limit or adjust my points to fit the dietitian's recommendation.

I miss the lady bugs on my blog...wish they'd get the site fixed so I could pick a cute template.....funny to me that so many thought the ladybugs were "m/m's" on my blog.....guess that must be a recurring theme on my blog. LOL

OMW - we must not be REAL bloggers - neither of us brought a camera - we'll have to do lunch again and get it right this time.... ::snort::