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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Brag on us

Ok, I wanted to wait til I had kids home for this post to make sure it is true.
We have been havinga pretty awesome week back to school and work. Audrey is excited to be back with friends and her teacher. She is having a lot more homework in prep for the big TAKS testing coming up. She is concerned about Math but, her Daddy is a big help.
William is doing well too. He has also had a basketball practice and looks really good. Looking forward to that first game on Saturday.
Joseph is going strong. Too strong sometimes I think. He was cranky at the end of the school day yesterday and his teacher reported that he seemed really tired. This morning he was not happy that I woke him. "School....again!" He does love school, just wishes it started a bit later.
James! I was concerned that after having a bit of a rough end in December not only with having his name o the board but also being sick, we might have a rough start.
Nope! He went to treasure box the first day back. He hasn't had his name on the board at all and visited the treasure box again today!
Today all homework, except Audrey, is done and the boys are outside playing in the nearly 80 degree weather. Yes, nearly 80 degrees.
Now to brag on Tom. As you know he was sick last week. He went to work on Monday then missed Tuesday and Wednesday being sick. Spent alot of time in bed and trying to get over the illness. Not looking forward to going back to work. Well, this week Tues-Thurs he has been in a class to renew a certification of his or some such thing, I don't know the details. The thing is he is out of the office getting to be with a different group of guys he use to work with. He has an istructor he likes AND it has been great for the first week of his diet. He has really been wanting to loose weight. We have been looking at NutriSystem and discussing it. We ordered it right before Christmas. We then got this huge box of food. Nothing is refrigerated or frozen. hm....this might not be so great. All this little bags, boxes, bars, small tubs of soups/pastas/etc..... I was really sceptical. Tom was too. But, Monday he dove in head first. He has been awesome! The food isn't horrible. It is actually pretty good. He has shared a small taste of some of it. Since he gets like a small cup of soup for lunch he is only willing to share a small noodle with a touch of sauce. I have been to the store twice to get fresh veggies and fruit. He is also working hard to drink lots of water. Last night he said, teasingly, he needed 32oz of water yet. So I sent James and Joseph each in with a tall 16oz glass of water.
Ok, we're having modem problems and I just noticed thelights went out again on the display. So I am going to end and hopefully catch the internet in the brief moment the modem kicks back in so this will post.
I apologize for the misspelling and missing letters. But, so wanted to brag.
Guy comes in the morning so I should be back up and going soon.

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Therese said...

Great week! good for you and the kids, and Tom!