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Thursday, January 8, 2009

More Bragging

Ok. I just took dropped Audrey at ballet class. Since September she has been in a class with the older girls. Audrey and 3 others her age, have been going for an hour and a half every Thursday. The last class before break they were evaluated by the director and their teacher. That night we learned they weren't only being checked for their performance/knowledge/etc.... but were also auditioning for Company.
Tonight we found out that all of them are being accepted into Company as Junior members. They will go for an hour on Tuesdays and then an hour and a half on Thursdays. I think she is excited. Couldn't tell much by her reaction tonight but, she always pull the very shy role at ballet. This will be a great opportunity to see if she wants to be serious about ballet and keep it up or not. Since she is my only girl I really want her to be all girly and balleriny and stuff but, am trying to be supportive and go with what she wants. She unfortunately, I believe, wants to do it all. When she decided to leave soccer a couple of years ago it was hard. She wasn't as crazy about the game and the growing intensity of it but, she sure didn't want to leave the team members and her coaches.
So we'll see where this leads us. Not only will it lead us farther down the ballet road but on more roads around town. Tuesdays now look like this. Pick up kids at 3pm, James Rehab at 3:30-4:30, William b-ball practice at 5:00-6:00 (downtown), Audrey ballet 6:15-7:15 back the other direction. Perhaps after Joseph signs up or t-ball we can add that too!
The computer is doing better now. Perhaps it was just a case of too many online but, since we are bundled and the on off business earlier effected our phone service too We still need to have it checked out.
Well time to make supper, pick up Audrey, listen to William read, and watch the last College football game of the season OU vs Florida for the BCS Championship. I'm conflicted I can't root for either team. I have issues with both. I just want a really good game, lots of action to watch.
Take care.

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Marilena said...

i was in ballet when i was a kid, and i really enjoyed it:)