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Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Project Report II....

The scrapbook table is probably in worst shape than it was last week. I haven't done anything to it but, pile more on top! So it goes back on the list this week.
The secret project is coming along very nicely. Can't wait to reveal it.
I made one little hat. Then I was in my closet of yarn doom. I swear the stuff is multiplying. I have wanted to make a lacy shawl. I found what I thought was two skeins of red yarn. Got one out and started on it. Oh, it's a kind of dark hot pink. That's ok. I get going on it and make up a pattern as I go. Finally got into a groove and it is ticking along. Am starting to run low on this skein so I went for the other one. It is red! So tomorrow I'm off to Michaels and Hobby Lobby to see if I can find something to compliment the pink. I think I'll leave wallet in the truck and only take in 10.00 bill.
This is the hat and a beginning of the shawl. I started on the long end and am working down to the point.
The kids are home today for MLK day. Tom is here too. We intend to work around the house. Audrey and I will have a GS meeting at 3:30 and then a friend of hers is coming over to spend the night. We have a strict no sleepovers on school nights rule. But, the girl is moving homes and it is a bit of extenuating circumstance.
I weigh in at 6pm tonight. Wish me luck!


Therese said...

I'll link you on my post...nice work!

Kim H. said...


Your projects are coming along great. I'm sure the shawl will be gorgeous! I really wish you and Therese lived close so you could give lessons. I'd love to learn how to knit. It is knitting, right? (See, I'm that clueless....)

Love leaving the wallet idea in the car - will have to try that. I guess the key is also NOT bringing in the credit card. :)

Happy Monday!