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Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh My. Where have I been?

Thursday is a blur. Friday was a hurry get here, wait...... hurry gotta go, wait.........
I am really beginning to despise basketball practices on Friday evenings. Audrey's starts at 5:30, William's at 6pm. Both end about 7pm. I stay at William's then rush to get Audrey. We are home then around 7:30. Games on Saturdays. It's nuts. Audrey didn't have a game this past weekend. William had a 10am game. After the game we came home, ate some lunch, then Audrey and I loaded Tom's car and headed to Lubbock. We stayed with my niece Meagan. that night we attended a Dance program at Texas Tech. A girl who was at Audrey's Ballet school here in San Angelo was in the program. She is a really awesome dancer and for a Freshman she has received alot of attention. It was great for Audrey to get to go. Sunday we attended Church and visited the Mall. Audrey loved getting to go into all the girly stores and not be rushed, too much.
We made it home last night to a house that has accumulated more 'junk' from the storeroom clean out, and a sick boy. Joseph started running fever. Still has it this morning. He has an appt here in about an hour.
I'll try to post more on our trip later.
But, we are here and all doing relatively well.

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

I HEAR you! I woke up this a.m. thinking, "Yes, tonight is Mom's Night Out". Mike is working late hours preparping for the base's inspection. As the day went on I realized I'm EXHUASTED - again - and I don't WANT to leave the kiddos home to run out for a "night out"....I have had far to many night outs last week...and tomorrow is Bible Study and Friday is another chapel night out - so I'm staying home......I'm worn out. LOL