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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Project Clarification

Ok. I believe that Therese started this post in order to have accountability to finish projects. NOT to run to Hobby Lobby under the disguise of getting more yarn to finish a project and then purchase MORE yarn! Seriously. I am sick! Yesterday when looking through my yarn to find some for Audrey's scarf thing I saw many complimentary skeins. I thought to myself that is a great get rid of yarn project. Make a big 'scrap' afghan. I also want to get better at hats and make some more ponchos and shawls. Anyway, I didn't have enough of the yarn to do Audrey's project so after I took a load of stuff to the storeroom I decided to pop into Hobby Lobby right up the road and get that yarn.
That's all you need. Get it....get out. You are not dressed to be in public. Go!
Oh, Christmas 80% off. I sure liked that ornament paper. Wonder if it is still here. Yes! I'll get it. It's good paper and I can use it. Ok, to the yarn......What's that, more 80% off!!!! NO! Go to the yarn.
At the yarn I get the desired skein.
These are free patterns I'll check them out and get a few. Oh, I like that yarn. Oh, that would work for that thing that I want to do (can't say what because it is a project for person who reads.) I'll go ahead and get it now. Wonder how much I need. Oh, I'll just get 3. I wonder what books they have. Oh, I like this one. Oh this one is cool. Shoot I should have gotten a basket I keep dropping all this stuff. Hmm......I didn't get a basket because I was just getting 1 skein of yarn. Ok, I'll look for a booklet on hats. That's all. Oh, this book looks good. $21.00! But, it has tons of patterns. But it's 21.00 and you just got a lecture on budget this morning. But, I like it. No.
Wait! I have the gift card from sister-in-law. Ha! It will only be 1.00. I can do that.
Hey, look at this booklet. That's what I was going to get anyway. It has exactly what I need.
I'll get it too.
But, you are already getting the big book.
That doesn't count I'm using the gift card.
Aaauugghh......hopeless. Leave....NOW! before you drop all this stuff and make a big scene. You aren't exactly dressed to be seen in public.
You're right. I need a shower too. Let's go.
Get the goods, pay, out of here.
Hi there!
Oh, hi! How are you? Me too. Take care.
said quickly while hurrying out.
See, I told you you weren't dressed for going into public.
I know....I know..... That was Mr. HEB and his wife. I met Mrs. HEB at ACTS Retreat. Mr. HEB sees me at HEB practically every time I go in. Hey! he sees me looking like this all the time! That's probably why he recognized me in Hobby Lobby but, doesn't always recognize me at church!
Yeah....that's it. Make excuses for looking like a walking garbage can. Feel better?
No. and now I'm running late and Tom will already be home for lunch when I get there.

So project clarification. Mission of Monday Project Report is to clean out all those previously thought about/started projects. The mission is NOT to start more!!!
Got it?

Sure. I got it. Will I be able to obey, that's another story.


Therese said...

I'll be watching for your update on Monday!

BTW-can you check the link to me on your sidebar? Doesn't work!

I now have a yarn budget for the month!

Marilena said...

good thing iam not adept at knitting anything other than a scarf or might be tempted too!

Carylon said...

Hey Amy! Love your blog & being able to see you & your family. Maybe we need a support group. I can so relate to your post. Brian cringes every time I tell him I need something from a craft store.