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Monday, January 5, 2009

It's not Strep

I have been feeling yucky for many days now. So this morning I made an appointment at the City Employee Clinic. (Tom works for our City and the Employees and families have a clinic we can visit) I was sure I had Strep Throat. Yesterday I was miserable. My throat hurt all day. Last night I couldn't sleep my head was all stuffed up. whine....whine....whine..........
But, it's not Strep. Just a whole lot of yuck piled up in my head and slowly leaking down my throat. I got a steroid shot, a z-pack, and prescription Robitussin with Codeine. I like Codeine. Codeine good! Codeine make throat feel lots better.
We did make it to the land fill on Saturday and dumped a full trailer of junk. I have several boxes to go to goodwill and the Rescue Heroes are still in the dining room waiting for their trip to the storage room. We had to make room for Dora's magical house, Mickey's Raceway, and well, I just wanted to see the floor for awhile.
The kids were happy to return to school today. The teachers all looked good and rested. Joseph's teacher reported a very nice break. James has a new student in his class who came from Minnesota. William and Audrey both had good days and were glad to be back with friends.
Buddy... I give. The dog is better than me. Last night he was able to get over some of my riggings and ended up in the neighbors pool! The temps were in the 20's last night. He's a lab what can I say. but thanks to the heat lamp and Biscuit lending her body warmth Buddy survived. He survived well enough to out smart me again this evening. So after the neighbor boys came knocking again with my dog. Not wet this time. I throw my white flag. I think I am going to either try the invisible fence or get some barb wire from my dad. I know they sound cruel but, not as cruel as it will be if he gets hit or causes damage to someones property.
The poky things I put up worked until he figured out how to get over the fence around my rock garden area and then propel over the corner of the fence. I'm going to have to think this through some and get Tom's help. I really think I'd like the invisible fence then I could take the fence away from my rock garden area too and show it off more. Don't know. And I am sitting here in the dark. typing away and trying to listen to the UT vs Ohio game. Ohio was ahead but, UT just scored.
Sorry for the rambling.
Ok. Musing Therese. She has started posting a project on Mondays. Then the following Monday she will tell how far she got etc...... She encouraged her readers to do the same. So I got a project.Well, two. I am trying to make a scarf for Audrey that gets wider around the middle then skinny again so she can put the wider part over her head and wrap the ends around her neck. I tried this wimple thing and well, it didn't come out so great.
So I have that project and I have started another baby blanket for Threads of Love. So next Monday I will report on the progress and hopeful completion.
Right now I am boring myself with my dog fence issues so I'm sure you are bored as well.
I'll try to collect my Codeine affected thoughts and get back tomorrow.


Aussie Therese said...

I am so glad you haven't got strep throat. It is so awful. Hope you are better soon.

Therese said...

Get better soon-will you share the codeine??? Thanks for sharing in project progress!

Brenda said...

Hi, Amy! Thanks for stopping by At Work, At Play, or At Home All Day and leaving me some comment love!

The antics of your dog cracked me up. Although we don't have a dog ourselves (yet), we visit my parents frequently in WI, and they were in a similar situation with their high-strung German Short Haired Pointer, Ernie. That pooch was a renowned escape artist and killing machine. All the neighbors knew him, because he'd regularly run away and tear around a 5 block radius and then inevitably bring home a mangled rabbit or squirrel hanging out of his mouth. I highly recommend the invisible fence. Ernie went blind very suddenly, so his running days are over, sadly, but he had had several close encounters with cars. I wish you luck with your lab!

Hope you're getting a lot of rest with the kids back at school again! Get well soon!