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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sensational Saturday

I think.
Well all that bragging last week came back and bit me this week. James had his name on the board a few times but, he learned and didn't get checks so he didn't have to bring home a note.
Joseph brought home a note on Monday, again on Wednesday and again Friday. I couldn't believe it! The little devil kept getting in trouble for calling kids 'baby' at his work table. Talking when teacher was giving instructions, and talking when walking in line through the hall where the higher classes were testing. The fact he brought a note home means it occurred several times after being told to stop. His teacher and were both amazed. He'd been doing so well.
When telling his Daddy about his note yesterday he said 'Bad, Good, Bad, Good, Bad. It's like a pattern. A,B pattern.' Hmmm wonder if he is talking during instruction time because he has already figured it out and done it before teach even told him?
I think it was Thursday I was in his class that morning checking in with teachers as I dropped each child off. Joseph had already been into his classroom, sat down and started his board work. The sentence I can__________ was on the board. She was telling the other kids what the sentence said and then as different ones came to her she said ' like I can jump, I can dig........'
Joseph shows up with his paper. He has the sentence I can go to my house. I swell up "That's My Kid!"
Audrey is talking more and more about things she is learning in school too. She' tell us before but, we'd have to ask. Driving home from Religious Ed Wednesday night she says "If I was drawing an idiom(I don't even know how to spell. Spellcheck will have to correct.) I'd draw 'Singing at the Top of my Lungs. And draw myself standing on a large lung singing 'la la la'" I told her teacher and her teacher swelled up as much as I did!
William is getting more excited about reading since we returned to school after the break. He is really excited to show me his AR goals, test scores and books he's read on the website at home. Thank Mrs. Librarian at school for getting this all set up. It is great to keep track of the kids AR progress. Love ya!
James was just thrilled to make 2 trips to treasure box this week!
I have arranged for him and I to just go to Speech therapy once a month on a Friday morning. Susan will work with both of us and give us homework to practice for a month. We are working mostly on communication type skills, answering the wh questions and things like that.
I substituted again yesterday and it was great. I had only 8 kids, then 6 at lunch, then 5 went to Spanish lesson after lunch for about 30 minutes, it was great. Having JJ as the co-teacher was even better. The way the rooms are set up there are doors at the back of each class room that open into a very small hall area where the bathroom is. So it is just a couple of steps to ask her a question say hi or just share a laugh. Because it was so very cold I had taken my crochet and I did get to sit and crochet some while the kids had play time. They were all good kids and really played well together for the most part.
I have several things I need to check on via websites and e-mails so I'd better get to it. Then it's off to see what powdered eggs are like as I 'make' breakfast for Tom. Shower. Then first basketball game of the day is at 11am for Audrey. She has to be at the gym by 10:30.
So I'm off!
Can't wit to show you all Monday the new little crochet project I've started. It's not the secret one, however that one is coming along very nicely.
Happy Saturday may your's be Sensational! And perhaps not too cold my friends 'Up North of here'.

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