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Friday, January 9, 2009

Things to Cover

First: Check out the newest blog on my blog list to the left. At Work, At Home or At Play all Day. This is a great blog started by my friend Therese and 4 of her girl friends. It is great! There is Susie a wonderful Mom with her own dessert website, Therese, ofcourse, a wonderful work at home mom of 3 boys, Brenda who lives near Houston and has an awesome history in German, Kari is an instructional designer who lives in a flat in Chicago, and Diane an awesome journalist who works in a TV newsroom has a 3 year old little girl and a baby on the way. All are awesome, unique, women. Check them out.
Second: My friend JJ has a blog, My Three Sons She is having trouble getting the Merry Christmas art out of her header. Anyone have a suggestion on how to do that? I would like to put photos or blinkie or some such thing in my header, how do you do that?
Third: Still having a terrific week. William came home and made a 110 on his spelling test. They have 10 words, 3 bonus words worth 2 points each and a sentence worth 4 points. Yeah William!
Fourth: I am going back to Weight Watchers. Tom is doing so awesome but, I think my hips are attracting the weight he is dropping off around the house. I have about 15lbs I am shooting to get rid of. Something about that weighing in public always gets me motivated. I could also use some refreshers.
Fifth: I am feeling better and have marked off several to dos on my list. Joseph asked about my list on the fridge this morning. I told him that was my job list and he was to check it when he got home to see how many things had a line through them. I did pretty good but he was disappointed I hadn't worked on my desk. Why I don't know but, I am on my way to take care of it before the boss man gets upset. Nothing like having to answer to a five year old.
I have that nagging feeling there were other things I wanted to cover but, ofcourse can't remember right now so I'll close and get to my desk cleaning.
The computer is back working well again so I am happy.

OH GOSH! How could I have forgotten!?!
The other big thing. Did you watch the BCS championship game last night? Did you see the two most exciting things that happened during that game? No I'm not talking about anything concerning OU or Florida. ick.
'They' announced the BCS player of the year.
Graham Harrell
They also announced the Game Changing Play of the Year!
Michael Crabtree winning TD catch against UT!
In finding this video clip I came across upsetting news, to me anyway, that Michael will make an announcement Tuesday on whether or not he will be go to the NFL draft. They are saying awesome things about our guy but, I want him to stay at TT for one more year.


Therese said...

Thanks for the plug on the new blog! Curious to see who's going to win my contest on my other blog!

Glad it's been a good week! May it continue!!!

Susie said...

Thanks for the shout out on our new blog:-) It is really exciting for us and even nicer to have an audience already:-) Very cool!

Mythreesons said...

Judy and I are going to start on Monday night for WW. When are you going to shoot for???? That is the ONLY night I have free. We are going to ditch baseball this year. Aaron's not interested since he is doing basketball. I'll kind of miss getting to see you guys but the basketball thing is nuts with all three playing!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Bunch of comments in one spot:

Congrats to Tom on his week with Nutrisystem.

My goal is 3lbs a month this year and I'll well on my way to making the goal this first month. I'm counting points - but wondering if something is wrong as folks keep telling me my points are too low...ah well motivates me to really work out so I have a few more points to work with. LOL

Header - did you figure this out? Click layout, page elements....there's a box that says "header" (I think) click edit and there you are...add photos or whatever you want in that spot and click save.

Glad you're crossing things off the list. I do love this time of year.

Whoot to the kids' successes.

Can we do lunch or something? I have a book for you.