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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Wednesday report.

Ok. I know project reports are to be on Monday but, I forgot to mention that I defrosted the bottom freezer on the fridge in the kitchen and the small but, deep, chest freezer in the laundry room. Ask my Mom, this is no small accomplishment.
Monday Joseph was home with fever. The doctor, pharmacy and trip to HEB took up most of the morning. I did get laundry done and folded. Finished putting away yesterday. I have done a good job of keeping dirty dishes from piling up. This is big for me.
Now drum roll please.........brrrrrrrrrrrrmmmm........I cleaned my bathroom. Eeewww. The little swipes here and there weren't cutting it anymore. I had to get down and dirty. We don't use the shower in our bath anymore because, frankly, we fear falling through the bottom. The bathroom is slotted for demolition. It's the time frame that is a bit sketchy. So, I cleaned off the cabinet. Put away all those bottles of essentials that keep piling up. I Then tackles our bedroom. As I've mentioned before I have started collecting numerous books. They have started stacking up on and around my night table. I also worked on the scrapbook table!!! I Found the table! For awhile I kept digging down through the piles of stuff and was afraid the table was gone and it was just more stuff. I so need to get pictures in photo albums. I have 100's. Well with 4 kids probably 1000's of pictures. I intend to save some of the really cute/special ones for scrapbooks. But, finally realized I have more than I can handle. I purchased some albums, probably a year or more ago, to put the extras in.
I also organized my closet. I actually have a small open area on the floor at the bottom of the closet. Yippy! Today is the dreaded bathroom closet. Again another very small closet. My yarn has piled up so much my dresses have no hope of staying pressed. So I will tackle that. The jewelry box needs going through. then there are all the scrapbook supplies that need to be checked.
Yesterday the school decided before dismissal to delay the start of school today. The kids get to wait til 10am. Ofcourse we didn't get much sleet at all last night and I think it would have been fine. They are all on edge right now. I just threatened them that if they keep arguing I am going to take them to school to sit on the cold steps for an hour. They hushed.
So I will get myself together, make some lunches and be good to go. I have a few errands to take care of. I also need to get my 'stuff' together for adult faith class tonight. I thought I would have a quiet morning to work on it today. I am a terrible procrastinator. I have a feeling I will never learn.
Wish me luck on the yarn closet!

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