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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy 100th Day of School!!!!

........yesterday. Better late than never. The kids did get their posters to school on Monday though, a day early!

Joseph decided to make his 100 day poster with 100 letters. imagine.....:)
James was going to use 100 pom poms to make a smiley face but, at the last minute decided to draw Sponge Bob's pants. He drew the pants and glued on the balls. Audrey helped him draw pictures of Sponge Bob. Then when he insisted she cut it out she finally gave in.
William's class had to put 100 small things on a visor they wore. The tiny pom poms were a great idea but, some didn't want to stay on all day.
I substituted Monday and then for about an hour and 45 minutes yesterday. Today I asked them to see if someone else was available because I have to get my 'stuff' together for tonight's meeting. Wish me luck!

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Yikes - this really brings home how much catching up I need to do in a few of our subjects. I guess we better quit having quite so much fun and pick up the speed. LOL