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Saturday, February 7, 2009

First Day of Theatre

This past week went by fast but, I'm still trying to decide what I did.
I know I was at the preschool subbing. I worked in the Library at the elementary. I got my hair cut. Again, another cute cut by Judy. She was able to chop off pretty much all of the leftover color that had turned kind of orangey and brassy. She put a color wash on that helped bring it all together. My gray is showing more but, it's not really bothering me.
James & Joseph had DDS appts for cleanings. James' went wonderful, for the first time. He has a couple of spots we have to watch. Joseph didn't do as well but, I think he has held on to some of the wimpy from last weeks illness.
Two ballet classes for Audrey. Two basketball practices for Audrey, two for William. Oh, my meeting at church. I am the 'incharge/coordinator' person for the Stations of the Cross Drama. If you don't know this story then here is a brief recap. Last Spring a prominent lady in a local church was killed in a freakish hiking incident near her place in Colorado. She did wonderful things at her church. She was also an OB/GYN. She had been my doctor when I had Audrey and William. She then retired to spend time with family and church. I was amazed at all one woman had done and felt that some how I should take something very positive from her death. So I decided to try and be more involved. I talked with Freddy and decided that I wanted to help with a Christmas Program that my very large church hadn't been doing for awhile. Another lady in our church had similar desires. So we had a Christmas Program. At the same time I thought it would be wonderful to bring back the stations of the cross that the elementary kids had done in the past. Audrey had participated a couple of times and William once. Well in talking about it the others started saying things like "Oh, yeah it was great. We blacked the windows. We had music. Very dramatic." WAIT! What?! I come to find out the youth use to do a Stations DRAMA that was wonderful. On hearing more and seeing a portion of a video I decided that yep this needs to be brought back. Long story, not so short, I had my first meeting with committee members Wednesday night and it went well. A few surprises. We have a newer church now so logistics of blacking windows and staging may be more difficult but, they seem willing to give it a go. I have a boy willing to be Jesus so I feel one of the highest hurtles has been conquered.
Ok. Getting way to long here. The purpose of this post is to tell you about William's first Theatre class yesterday. He is excited to be back in class but, not so sure about the roles he was given yesterday to act out in class. They had too many boys. That's a first, usually there are too many girls in classes like this. Anyway, too many boys so William had to be Goldilocks! Then in another reenactments they were Pickles! William Hates Pickles! I told him if he could convincingly play a girl and a pickle with in a 45 minute period he was destined for the stage!
Ok, my job right now is to try and get my videos off the new HDD camera and onto the computer and a disk. We'll see.

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Kim H. said...

You are one busy Mommy. I'm exhausted just reading your post. :)

Sounds like you've been up to the next right thing and doing the usual with life with four kids. I am slowly catching up my blog reading and trying to let people out there know I am alive and yes, I still LOVE YOU ALL! :)