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Monday, February 2, 2009

Hint to Blog Readers

I laughed very very hard when I read Kim's comment on the following Post. So I now feel the urge to give some pointers to readers. These pointers are good for other blogs too but, essential for my blog.
1. When checking your favorite blog for the latest update scroll down and make sure you haven't missed more than one post.
2. When on this particular blog keep in mind the author is a high I personality. (I took the D,I,S,C profiler test, personality thingy once. Now an I personality calls it a profiler/personality thingy. An example of a D personality would be someone who could give you the correct name, the date and the name of the person giving the test.) Another term I like to use to refer to my I personality is Flibber-da-jibbit.
3. Leave a comment every now and then. The author likes to know who is stopping by.
Ok, those are my suggestions for now.

Today I substituted with a class of 31/2 to 4 year olds. Great fun. I got to play with the little 21/2 year olds some too. I enjoy the subbing. It helps put those baby urges to rest. The little cuties I see around and get to hold and sniff. Yes sniff, nothing like a fresh baby smell and a mom that is ok with you smelling her baby! Thanks Christina and Margie for letting me sniff your babies. But, those experiences just fuel the baby urges so a day with 9 3 year olds is always a good solution.

Monday Project Report!
I have the yarn sorted and dealt with. I have started a small blue baby blanket for Threads. I found a ripple stitch afghan 1/2 finished in my 'stuff' so I am going to finish it up. I also found a stack o red squares that I remember I was going to piece together to make a Texas Tech afghan. So I am going to work on it as well. I think what happened is I got all gung ho about making this thing for Tom then realized it was going to take a whole lot more yarn than I had. I was using a chenille yarn and it ain't cheap! So I'll get to work on it and see if maybe I can find a complimentary cheaper yarn to add to the project.
Ok, Kid's need to be put to bed.
OH!!! OH!!! OH!!!! I almost forgot! Monday is also Weight Watchers Report. Last week I should have reported that I had a major setback on my 3rd weigh in. Ok, First weigh in was only 2lbs more than my final weigh in in July. Second Weigh in was loss of 3.2 lbs! 3rd weigh in last week was GAIN of 3lbs. Making a whopping .2 lb loss. So tonight I was very anxious to weigh. We have a LOSS - 3.4lbs bringing our total to 3.6lbs! YEAH! ME!
I now need to lose 1.4lbs by next Monday so I can hit my WW goal. Audrey is determined to help me. Did I tell you she threw away the last of my breakfast burrito when we were in Lubbock?!
Ok, really gotta go now. Take care and hope you are all doing well.

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