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Sunday, February 1, 2009

JJ's Other Husband

In the post about my first husband JJ reminded me of one of the many times she has been Tom's second wife. And perhaps taken the initial heat for one of my scathingly brilliant ideas.
She has helped me many times do upgrades in my home. A few years ago she helped me take my dining room from this........

to THIS! We had a very dated wallpaper that we removed. The easiest wallpaper removal job known to man. We then put 'mud' on the walls and textured it. We went with a heavy texture because our goal was a Tuscan themed room. We did the dining room and entry. While applying the base coat yellow I was having issues with the yucky hall that leads off the entry. So I figured we had enough paint and said something like "We're going to take the yellow down the hall." previously white.

It was time for the twins to be picked up at preschool so I ditched JJ on a ladder with a bucket of yellow paint and a brush in her hand. While I'm gone Tom comes home for lunch. Totally aware of mine and JJ's dining room project but not the hall. He enters the hallway with what I am told a shocked never forget face.
"You're painting the hall yellow?" "Halls are suppose to be white."
She responds with a very innocent look "Uh, yeah..... Amy told me to."
I come home with the twins and hear a chorus of "Hallways are suppose to be white."
He wasn't really mad. He was just shocked. It grew on him and I think he either came to love it or just accept it. "It's warm, cozy, and makes the pictures look nice."
After we washed the light cover in the hall that helped make it brighter too! Imagine?
We left the ceiling white. We did paint it a flat yellow in the entry and dining room.
We are itching to paint the living room. But seeing has how some of my walls still look like this

The area around the tv is finished and sheetrocked the wall there kind of behind Joseph is what's left. The huge tv he is playing the computer on is no longer with us. We took it back and got a smaller one with better picture quality.

Anyway, back to the dining room make over. After the hallway I made sure that JJ knew Tom had no idea I wanted to take the front door off and paint it red. So when he came home that day we were prepared. "RED!"

And ofcourse it looked really red laying, wet, on saw horses in the front yard. Once on the hinges hanging under the porch it didn't look so bright. Again, I think it took a few days but he now likes it. I LOVE IT! My house is the third house on the left with the red door and big red truck in the driveway!

This is a bonus picture of Joseph at about age 2 wearing Daddy's shoes. I found it while looking for pictures of the dining room.


Kim H. said...

Okay, I missed the "MY first huband" post - glad I went back and clarified all that, cause, girl I WAS THOROUGLY CONFUSED! :)

The room looks lovely and I think you should be pleased with your accomplishment. And yes, it always takes a little time for it to grow on the men-folk. :)

Herd Momma said...

HA! That's so funny. I had read your comment in the e-mail I receive when someone leaves a comment. So I came here and started reading the post. Yep. If you haven't read First Husband then JJ's Second Husband is extremely confusing.
Are you feeling better?