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Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Project Report

The ripple afghan is coming along well. I started on a small blue ripple. I have only one more bun cover and that project is complete! So some crochet progress has been made. I took care of my pile of ironing last week. This week I will finish the bun covers, and ripple afghans. We are trying to sift through tons of paperwork, invoices, etc.... My job is to sort it out and get it in date order. Tom will then come along and decide what should be shredded and what needs to be kept. Everytime I turn around I am coming across another box of stuff.

I also want to get the carport organized and the 'stuff' Tom brought home from the old storeroom put away. Or trashed without his knowledge, ssshhh....... naw really, would I do that? You betchya'!

Michelle posted pictures of her closet renovation. She turned a closet in her laundry room into a mud room. It's great! I have a closet like that in my laundry room. I am inspired! But, first some clean up is required. I think this would be a great place to try out the paint color I want in the living room. And if I don't get a chance to paint this office soon I might just scream! Since I still have so far to go in the living room I think I am going to start working hard to clean up, clean out and organize the office/study.

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