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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bye Bye Valentines

I'm on to one of my favorites, St. Patrick's Day! I am 3/4 German but the rest of me has a fair bit of Irish and Scotch blood. Tom is about 3/4 Irish. So we love our St. Patty Day!
So for a while now we shall be GREEN.
I should probably change to Purple since we are about to enter Lent. Hmmmm... Well since I have just spent 20 minutes getting this all set up I am going to leave it this way for now.

Today, February 15th, marks a very special day for a little girl in our community. One year ago today I got a call around 7am from her aunt that this is the day Reagan would receive a new heart. Today at their church they had a special sandwich luncheon and slideshow. It was very special hearing many of the family talk and share with us. Their faith has moved so many. They asked, and I extend it to you, to please pray for the family who today aren't as joyful. Please pray for the family who one year ago lost a son. But, thanks to their generosity Reagan was not put on a heart machine, she no longer uses all her energy to eat or even breath. She runs, plays, smiles, cries, just like any other 20 month old. Rex, the dad, mentioned that the heart transplant people told them that in one year they could write a letter to the donating family. It is then up to that family to decide if they wish to contact the recipient's family. Rex read their letter to all of us today. They have done a great job.
Well, I am off to call teenagers. I need to let them know about our meeting on Thursday.
Have a great day!

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