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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Too Cute not to Share

Audrey brought home her homework folder today. This was in there.
My Amazing Snowgirl by Audrey
Suddenly, right in the corner of my eye I spotted my amazing snowgirl! Her buttons were as yellow as the sun. OOPS! Do not eat the yellow snow! She had glorious pink and purple eyes that were like gems! The scarf looked as if it were a pink and green snack strangling her! Oh! And on her head instead of a hat she had a delightful bright white crown. Snowflakes twinkled around her. Her smile reached from ear to ear! She looked as if she was headed for a very fancy Winterland Ball!
Cute huh?
This little note was also in there.
Dear Audrey,
I like you because I have the time of my life with you and because your intelagent.
(no I don't need spell check. this is how it was written.)
Joseph brought home another AR test. Another 100 and he read 224 words! Teacher wrote WOW! next to it.
James is still under the weather.

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