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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What did You Do Saturday!?

Saturday morning we had a b-ball game for Audrey at 11a. William's game was at 12n. Go to Audrey's game. Tom brings boys. Tom leaves at 1/2 with William and head to his game. Grandma takes twins after Audrey's game and heads to William's game. I grab food for Audrey and go to Girl Scout House. Leader is running late so I stay to check in girls and keep up with them. I missed William's game but, that's ok. Got it on video.
Girl Scout meeting from 12:30 til 3:00. Girls practice fan dance and learn a little about Japan. They are representing the country of Japan at Thinking Day on the 22nd. Our leader, Mary, and her family lived in Japan with the military. They have wonderful things and lots of knowledge. The girls have done a very nice job learning the fan dance and preparing for their booth.
We got home about 3:30. Laid around, did a little picking up, crocheted......... Kids start talking about eating or going to a movie etc.... 4:45 Tom says. "Wanna go to the drive-in movie in Odessa?" Sure, why not.
So yes. At 5:30pm we were leaving San Angelo with cash in our pocket, gas in the tank and a truck full of kids to see a double feature at 7:30 in Odessa. (a 2 hr drive away).
We have talked about doing this many times.
The kids were thrilled. They had never done this before. I stupidly put chairs in the truck. The weather was nice but, the fact that when it gets dark it will get cool didn't cross my mind. I needed to have grabbed pillows and blankets. We parked facing the screen. The kids sat in the front seat and Tom and I in the middle seat. It was a bit wild and extremely uncomfortable, for the adults. Leaving Tom says "Well, been there done that!"
I would like to see an outdoor theater where you an sit outside on a slope. We watched a laser light show at Fiesta Texas this past summer. That was great!. It got a bit uncomfortable but, if prepared, you take a cushion, blanket, etc...
Well, time is getting away from me, again. Take care and catch a Drive In Movie when you can. It's an experience that has changed some now that our bodies are larger. This is why God made convertibles!

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