Christmas 2013

Thursday, February 12, 2009

You're It

I tag all who click on my blog. I had so much fun with the last picture tag and decided to start another one. If you are like me pictures tend to stay in your camera, FOREVER, before making their way to the computer and then ultimately to the printing process.
So For this project/meme/game you have to go to your digital camera and post the 6th picture on your camera. No cropping or cheating and getting a different photo. Tell us what's going on in the picture. If it is a picture from Halloween this should tell you it's time to download!
Enjoy and let me know when you post to your blog.
This is my picture. Yep. Time to down load. There is a Christmas tree in the picture. I was hoping it was a basketball picture and that would show I'm not real far behind. However, I do know it is after Christmas. This was during the 2 week break. True Christmas pictures from the 24th and 25th have been downloaded.


De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Guess what? I download every day. But you knew that - didn't you? I must have a photo for my blog. LOL And I MUST have them loaded by DATES into the MONTH folder....Into the year that in about 2 decades when I print them for albums I KNOW what was going on. It's a sure bet I won't remember much. LOL

Mythreesons said...

Oh well, I'd play but I can't find my memory card. That's how behind I am. I lost it a couple of weeks ago while trying to download Christmas pictures!