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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This is Spring Break week. We had lovely cold wet weather Thurs-Sat. We received a little over an inch here a our house. GREAT! This week the sun is out and we have perfect Spring weather. I love it. Monday the kids hustled and got their rooms in order. Yesterday we had the death of Buddy to deal with(see below). But, we had fun at a St. Patrick's Day party and ran into some fun friends in the park. Last night was t-ball practice. I love watching Tom with the kids. He really is wonderful with the little ones. All the dads helping were terrific. We have a great set of kids and dads.
Today we get to play with JJ and her boys and perhaps go out and see her new house. They are dealing with various set backs and hurtles. Please pray that their home here sells soon and they can get the country home all fixed up. She is hoping to go with a Tuscan theme. If you know a website or have some pictures that could help us please send them through comments or my e-mail. To read up on her fun adventures go to her blog My Three Sons .
At our school we have a day for Young Scholars. The kids show off art work, enter a science fair, participate in talent show, readers theatre and have lots of fun. My kids spent a weekend with retired Science teacher Grandma and came home with awesome projects. J&J entered a recycling project. They showed how the environmentally friendly cornstarch noodle is better than regular styrofoam.
Much to the disbelief of a few 4th Grade girls I know.
They 'lost' to Kindergartners........

James and Joseph took third place in the Science Fair.
This is what happens when two adorable twin boys put on the charm
and woo 3 cute student teachers!

Here is Joseph practicing his wooing charms on some upper classmates.

I think it's working.

William in the striped sweater and tan pants is showing his electricity experiement to his friend Lance. Audrey in the pink sweater and plaid skirt is comparing entries with classmate Sydnie. William's class art project

Audrey's class art project

James' class art project. For a kid who doesn't like to color I need to find out how much help he may have had on this one. If none then he might could benefit from some art classes.

Ok, I think I am fairly caught up. I need to go check on Facebook. Yes, I have succumbed to the pressures and now have a Facebook account. I can access it through my blackberry. I'm sad, very sad.

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Kim H. said...

Does JJ have St. Joseph buried???? If not get him buried and you can all pray the prayer to him -- and he's such a wonderful family patron too -- I pray to him all the time for my husband and his time away from our family.

It's good to be getting around and catching up with my bloggy friends! :)

Love that picture of Joseph with all the girls -- quite the "ladies man" huh?! :)