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Saturday, March 21, 2009

One Day Left

Tomorrow is the last day of our Spring Break. We plan to take it easy. Mass in the morning and Stations Drama practice in the afternoon.
Thursday we met the GS leader or lunch and finished planning the meetings for the rest of the year. That afternoon my parents took the boys to the farm and Audrey had a friend come over.
Audrey and her friend rode with me to get the boys that afternoon. Audrey's friend had never been to a farm or pasture. So my daddy took us girls over to see the cows. He has several new babies. They are so fun to watch. Audrey's friend enjoyed her visit. So did I. Good Therapy. Daddy also pointed out the area to me where he buried Buddy. Makes it all real.
Friday Joseph woke with sore throat. After lunch I took him to the clinic and he tested positive for Strep. Augh! James I think was the most upset. This meant I had to cancel the babysitters for that night. He accused Joseph of faking a sore throat. Not hardly. Joseph loves the girls just as much as James. William was trying to come up with ways to hide Joseph so the girls could still come over but not catch the sickness.
Today we were lazy. Went to a few sporting goods stores to look for Coaches shirts for t-ball. Ate out for lunch and again for dinner. AUGH! I'm so blowing it. I have 8 more days til Lifetime Membership. I can't blow it! So it's water and fiber bars from now til 6pm Monday.
I did get all the boys clothes sorted through. What goes to give away, Goodwill, storage til Fall. Audrey's are next but, since she rearranged furniture in her room so she and her friend could sleep on the floor I haven't ventured in there.
Some Prayer Request:
JJ's father-in-law has Prostrate Cancer. He is scheduled for more test and surgery on April 15.
Chad, the husband of my friend Heidi, has been on dialysis for several months now.Following many test and biopsies being sent all over, even England, they have learned of a Liver deficiency. They go to Dallas on April 6&7 to get the ball rolling to have Chad placed on the organ donor list. He needs a kidney and a liver from a nonliving donor. They have to come from the same donor. A living donor won't work because of the danger to the donor and recovery process. Chad is in his early 40's. Heidi is my age.
And my Mom. She will have cataract surgery on one of her eyes this Monday.
Thank you all for checking in on my blog. I love you all and enjoy your blogs very much. I try to visit as much as I can.

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

First - I love the photos in this post. Am I strange to think cows are pretty? ::snort::

I'm praying for the requests you shared....and for your last day of break to be full of family memories. Poor boys missing their sitters. ::snort::

8 days - you can do it! Water, fiber....raw veggies and do NOT want to start that whole 6 week thing over again. ::grin::