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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why do we usually color eggs outside?

Oh Yeah! That's why. They make a HUGE Mess. They had 4 dozen eggs to color. The only thing faster than coloring eggs is hunting eggs! The older they get the faster they go.

And we aren't outside because of the wind. Augh! It's terrible. I had lunch at school with the kids. I went to the playground with the boys. I felt as though I had been beaten and then forced to eat dirt. Tom didn't understand how lunch could wear me out.

Time for a shower. Tom and the twins will head to a t-ball game. Audrey has ballet at 6:15. William and I will pick her up early and head to church. Audrey and William are both looking forward to the service since they know it will be different.

I'm excited because one our Deacons in Training, Walter, will be presenting the reflection. Freddy is tomorrow night.

Love ya'!


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Aussie Therese said...

colouring eggs looks like fun Amy. We haven't ever done it. Maybe I will put it in our craft folder for next year.

Have a great Easter.