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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm Here!

Here I am. Over here. I'm still alive.
I was at the preschool M-W-F last week. It was fun and the check will be nice at the end of the month. I enjoy the kids and the teachers are all awesome. I will say, my baby cravings are totally waining. This is good. My back has been killing me! That and.....I made Lifetime at Weight Watchers! Last Monday night I was official. However, I apparently assumed the membership card was my free pass to go nuts! I was terrible last week. Last night when I weighed in......4pound gain! Can you believe it! It will take weeks to loose up to 5 lbs and one week of 'who cares' can totally kill you.
I am excited we are in Holy Week. Audrey has really been interested and asking lots of questions. She is very excited about ballet and the upcoming performance. She is still doing well in school and has a great group of kids she 'hangs' with. She and I are still missing Buddy terribly. She has been keeping me on my toes and requesting walks with Biscuit on a continual bases. We often get one in. I couldn't last night. I had a terrible tummy ache. Go figure after all the yuck I ate.
William is a doll. I totally love this kid. He has his moments but, in general is a true sweetie. He is really pumped about his theatre class and looking forward to a busy June. He will be at 'camp' 9a-4p, M-F the whole month. Then the last weekend there is are 2 7pm performances, and 2 2pm performances. They will be presenting Beauty and the Beast. He is also taking an after school jump roping class once a week. I hear he is really getting the hang of it.
Joseph has been struck hard with Spring Fever. He is going through some sort of mood altering and we don't like it much. The easy going Joseph had a rough week last week. So far so good this week. His reading is getting better and better. We need to start really concentrating on his listening comprehension. Somethings not clicking well there.
James is doing real well. (knock on wood) He was awesome at the t-ball game Saturday. He hustled and got on the field. Did what he was suppose to the whole thing! Yeah James! He is missing his friend Ciara so I need to focus on getting them together for a play date.
We officially kicked off Little League baseball Saturday. Our game was at 12n. Joseph was done by that time. Then he was all out of sorts because he wasn't catcher. Augh.
Tom has a terrific group of dads helping him again this year. We have been blessed with another great group of kids and parents.
We heard that Bill came through his surgery well. He was in a fair amount of pain but, the doctors feel he will recover well. I hope to get another update Thursday. We love you Bill!!
JJ's father-in-law goes in on the 15th for prostate cancer surgery. Heidi and Chad are in Dallas this week getting him signed up and tested for placement on the transplant list. He needs a new liver and kidney. Please keep all these great people and their families in your prayers. I have had several e-mails lately asking for prayers for loved ones suffering from cancer and other ailments. Please pray for healing for all those we love.
Well, hugs to you all. I need to get busy.

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Therese said...

Busy, busy, busy! SO good to hear from you! Have a great Holy Week!